"The Card Network" Fails

A number of companies I do business with offer various rewards, many being gift card ‘discounts’ ‘sold’ by The Card Network. I have stayed away from most gift cards but with a new member in the family needing all sorts of baby things I succumbed since every small discount helps. Since the purchase started with a known company I did not perform my normal due diligence and just proceeded.

Purchasing a ‘digital card’ from TCN my credit account was immediately billed. Days later nada and their phone line was a joke so I sent the web form. Another 3 days and ‘sorry it was a technical problem and we reissued your card’ and a link to my ‘digital card’ was duly received.

The link was only to install the TCN app to access my ‘card’, but the app requires an SMS verification code to do anything. That SMS never came despite repeated attempts. There is also circumstantial evidence my reissued card was loaded with $0, not what I purchased.

Support? M-F 9-6 or web forms. On a Sat AM that is not helpful.

I suitably recognised TCN on productreview but feel incumbent to add my words here since gift cards have all sorts of issues and this collection of problems seems pretty special.

TCN is not worth the aggro in my opinion, so buyer beware.


I found TCN to also be quite clunky and not user friendly at all. I wouldn’t be buying from them if their products weren’t discounted.

I find Prezzee to be much more user friendly for a digital gift card solution.


Having the same problem here.
I was able to email them ok, and received a reply offering a link to d/l the app again. So, I replied to that today explaining the problem in more detail, asking specifically for the SMS verification code only. I’m still waiting for a reply.
Will update this comment if/when I receive the code.

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I’ve discovered a possible solution.
The problem is the naming of the TCN App “activation code” as a “customer service reference” in the original SMS.
That number needs to be put into the TCN App when starting your account. That will take you to the next page where you can add the card to both the TCN App and the wallet of your choice.
If you’ve arrived at the page asking for the SMS “verifation code” you’ll need to start again by “Adding an account”, then put in your phone number but this time put the “customer service reference” into the “activation code” field.

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I do not remember how my case got resolved, but if there is a resolution so simple as you indicated it does not reflect well on TCN that they apparently continue to deploy misleading apps and instructions.

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I was recently gifted a The Card Network gift card, I have registered it but was never given my online gift card I registered - for the retailer Boohoo.

I was given an SMS that put the card into my wallet. The wallet required a verification code that would be sent to an email, NOT mine. The card that was being put into my wallet was the original card - the Her gift Card. So I haven’t received my retail card.

Note: I may just be impatient as it’s only been a couple of hours.

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the Community @soph

I merged your post into this existing one about TCN. If this is your first experience with them it may be an educational one.

Peruse the prior posts in this topic (esp this one) and assuming you don’t have your code by now and cannot work it out contact their support line.

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