The Cairns Post Speed Camera Scam

My wife wanted me to get a copy of the local rag, The Cairns Post yesterday, which I did.

Almost the entire front page is occupied with a teaser regarding speed cameras in FNQ including the statement in red and yellow, “Exclusive: We Tell You Where They Are”.

The actual article on pages 4 & 5 does not have any such list but there is a small insert stating “Check out the full list of Cairns speed camera sites.”.

Visiting the website reveals a section titled “Most Viewed” and the last item in the list is “Cairns’ speed camera locations revealed” but clicking on it results in Murdock’s usual grubby subscription page being displayed.

So after buying the worthless rag for $2.40, it fails to deliver the information promised, and the fob-off in the article leads to nothing other than the subscription page.

Talk about misleading & deceptive conduct and false advertising. As I said to the girl in the supermarket, the rag is not worth the paper it is printed on, let alone $2.40.

It reminds me of a cartoon I saw decades ago in which the paper boy on the street corner was calling out “250 people scammed. Read all about it.”

A man buys a paper and then says to the paper boy “There is nothing in here about 250 people being scammed”.

The paper boy then calls out “251 people scammed. Read all about it”.

What a bunch of grubs.



Sounds like a fairly clear cut case of a misleading claim. For the record, the full list of cameras is available free on the QLD government site.


Hi Brendan.

The list is only for fixed speed cameras whereas The Cairns Post claimed to list all 92 locations approved for both fixed and mobile speed cameras in our area.

The only interesting item in their article was the claim that someone has been caught 7 times by the recently installed speed and redlight camera on the highwaty at Mt Sheridan.

I guess that some mothers really do have them.


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