The best SIM for travel in Europe?

The last 2 times I have traveled to Europe and the UK I have purchased a pre-paid Three SIM from ($40). I needed a SIM that would work as soon as we landed in Europe and this SIM has proved to be very reliable. The data on the card (9Gb in Europe and 12Gb in the UK) was great for calling friends and family via WhatsApp, Messenger, Duo from all over Europe and surfing the net. Connectivity was also very good especially now that Europe has introduced roaming. The only drawback is that the 200 minutes of UK calls that come with the card was used up very quickly when calling landlines etc in Europe. Re-charge requests via email to Oz supplier take 24 hours so not immediate but not a killer. The 30 day period can be extended with another 30 day top-up but 60 days is the max.
I would be really interested if anyone else has found a better alternative.

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Travelsim? I have two friends who travel regularly and have this.

No idea how it compares with your UK prepaid but might be worth enquiring.