The ACCC Gives Big W A Smackdown

An article regarding the ACCC obtaining enforceable undertakings after Big W failed to correct problems with Dyson machines that it had sold.

And a copy of the undertaking.

As I have posted previously, Big W treats both customers and the ACL with complete contempt.

On one occassion, I returned a pair of kitchen tongs which had the alloy rivet corroded away in the dishwasher and the wet-behind-the-ears employee tried to argue with me that if the product was not labelled as dishwasher safe, it should not have been washed, as opposed to the product not having been labelling as not dishwasher safe.

On another occassion, a rivet on a pair of steel capped boots I bought pulled out of the leather so they could not be tied on the first occassion I wore them, and the employee attempted to weasel out of refunding my money on a pretext that I had somehow managed to break them.

Little wonder that Kmart has been wiping the floor with Big W.

I see that Big W has already announced the first 3 store closures. Now for the other 180.



KMart may only be the last in the queue.


Not the last one. It also has a history with the ACCC dating back to 1998 (if not before). They could have been the first ‘cab off the rank’ and maybe others are just keeping up with the Joneses (Kmart).