The 18 month clock - government style

The government and NBNCo have stated that once NBN is declared ready in an area we citizens have 18 months to take it up before the PSTN copper is turned off.

My estate first got some external wall HFC connections in December 2018, and my house was done in Feb 2019 only after having to lodge a formal complaint it had been skipped.

Today I received a letter from NBNCo stating the local PSTN copper will be turned off ‘from 8 November 2019’.

My conclusion is that is must be 18 months from December 2018 to November 2019, government as well as NBNCo have attained a new level of disdain in dealing with us, or they have employed a complete moron who cannot add 18 months to Dec 2018 and get June 2020 as the answer? Perhaps the counting started from when an NBN manager first drove through our area rather than when work began?

Anyway, if you are not already ‘one with NBN’ when you first ‘meet with’ the NBN, take nothing at face value and read all the correspondence carefully. We are consistently reminded we are nothing but collateral damage in the entire program, save for the few who got FTTP in the early days.


The wording used is around 18 months after an area is nbn ready.

Maybe they class nbn ready being the initial letter advisins of premise connection/external nbn connection box installation. This is usually several months before it is actually connected.

Or, being an Australian where near enough is good enough, maybe around 18 months is the same as 12 months in reality!


That could be it. Might even have been an NBN staff knocking on doors and dropping the letters in the mail boxes so there was also ‘consultation’.

or 9-ish months?


Another indicator that the whole LNP NBN lives (I was going to say works, but that would be a gross exaggeration) in its own reality

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Ah sorry the reasoning is that it is HFC and they shortcut the timing on HFC areas with some being the day the HFC is activated in the area. I don’t like the way they nobble the system this way but I guess you are lucky they are forewarning the change over in November. It isn’t good, it isn’t right, it isn’t fair but according to our “Leaders” it is World leading performance…I think it is record leading how fast we slip down the ladder of connectivity in World rankings.


Our ‘leaders’ also claim to have world leading performance. Just proves how cognitive dissonance is rife among those in power.


It is, if you happen to be one of those ‘leaders’ who just happens to get FTTP rolled out in their neighbourhood.

I would be interested to see a map of politicians’ homes overlaid with NBN connectivity details. Of course, I realise that we will never need more than 12mbps connections - but let’s see which politicians actually went with that ‘option’.


“a” complete moron - isn’t being a complete moron part of the fundamental job requirements for any employment wit NBN? Don’t worry though, they won’t turn anything off until everyone has ‘a deck chair on the NBN Titanic’ … I can hear a band playing somewhere, and they sound muffled …


I realise that you are being somewhat flip, but think it’s important to defend both the average employee who is working hard to simply do what they have been instructed to do as well as those managers who know that the plan is idiotic but have to do what their political masters have instructed. NBN Co. employs a lot of very smart people, but has faced extraordinary criticism due to political decisions whether around the technology or announcements of ‘you’ll have it by 2016’.

That’s not the fault of anyone at NBN Co., but reflects the decision to politicise it and then to make ridiculous demands of it. Blame needs to be pointed in the appropriate direction, and while NBN Co. has made mistakes these are both normal for a project of its size and expected given the political meddling that has taken place at every level.