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Thanks For Nothing, Anti-Vaxxers


And here is today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Kentucky student sueing his school for banning him from basketball practice and lessons due to him being too stupid to get vaccinated against chicken pox.

Calls to ban controversial nutritionist from speaking at the University of Melbourne after she was previously banned from 4 other Australian universities in 2017.

And the flat earth fruitcakes are at it again.

I have got to go now as I have a bridge to sell.



Another episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

American anti-vax family cause first outbreak of measles in Costa Rica in 13 years.

GoFundMe bans anti-vaxxer fundraisers.

Instagram to block anti-vaxxers.

Hopefully we are starting to get some progress in stopping these idiots spreading their dangerous nonsense.


A couple of articles regarding the problems that anti-vaxxers are causing.

An incredible article regarding a great percentage of people in the DRC do not believe that Ebola exists.



Another method of dealing with anti-vaxxers.



Now the anti-vaxxers stupidity has really gone to the dogs.

But hopefully the tide is turning against their stupidity.


When it comes to pets it’s a bit more complex. I’ve met a few vets and pet owners from the Geraldton area in WA and there’s a parvo epidemic there because people simply don’t understand that vaccines are something animals get.

I met one pet owner who told me her vet advised her not to bring her dog in for a vaccination and to instead wait for the mobile vet to come and do it, because the vet was so worried the dog would contract it from another unvaccinated animal.


Now for today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Whilst New York takes the gloves off.

And Australia goes from being declared measles-free 5 years ago to having more cases so far this year than all of last year.


Sunday’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Charlatan banned by the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Only half of WA healthcare workers are getting flu vaccines.

Many aged care facilities are not meeting minimum requirements for flu vaccinations.

Australia heading for worst flu season ever with 27,000 cases and 7 dead already.


UNICEF launches a new global campaign promoting vaccinations.

And the anti-vaxxers are now selling snake oil.