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Thanks For Nothing, Anti-Vaxxers


Today’s unexciting episode of “You Just Can’t Help Stupid”.



Today’s episode in “You Just Can’t Help Stupid”.

What an absolutely disgraceful fiasco.



Link doesn’t work for me.


It seems that piece has been replalced by this one:


In case anyone needs the facts reinforced:

And the reason so many have been deceived is deliberate fraud:


The FDA has approved a 6 in 1 vaccine for children aged 6 weeks to 4 years so they need only get 1 shot instead of 3.



A little history:


Anti Vaxxers will claim it is just a conspiracy to cover up the evidence that vaccines affect autism etc. All the studies in the World will not convince some of the fallacy of their stance against vaccines and they will continue to spread falsehoods and so some will not get vaccinated when they should be. It is a sad place to be but I wonder how quick they would be to get vaccinated if smallpox reared it’s head again or if polio become very prevelent in our society…methinks they would quickly jump to get it done and if they didn’t most would perish and while it would be sad to see it would also “cull” a lot of them.

Thankfully at the moment those two aren’t a problem here but polio certainly is gaining traction in other poorer societies.


The objective debate seems to get replaced by an exchange of memes in some areas, hopefully the masses will soon revert to knowing the difference between manipulation and reality.


The people most at risk of believing the opinions anti-vaccination proponents are peddling probably understand pictures with simple phrases far more readily than other forms of communication …


A reply I received today regarding a petition on which I signed.



Great outcome for the petitioners. Nice to see some responsible action in that regard from Facebook as well.


Today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Another case of the children obviously being much smarter that their anti-vax parents.


Today’s disgusting episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

So after the 6 year child almost died of tetanus and it cost over $800,000 to save his life, his moronic parents still refused to get him fully vaccinated.



It was in US so maybe karma prevailed and the parents got the bill.



And here is today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Not just content with believing anti-vax stupidity but charging other idiots $200 each to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

It is time for Governments to put a stop to this stupidity once and for all.

At least the fool who climbed into the panther’s enclosure for a selfie was only endangering one person.



An article advising people to save $200 by not attending a charlatan’s workshop and to protect their children instead.

And Italy bans unvaccinated children from attending schools.

I guess if they do not go to school at all, the worst that can happen is that they may end up as stupid as their parents.


A few articles regarding experts views of anti-vax stupidity.

And an article regarding species which can regrow body oarts.

Who knows. Perhaps anti-vaxxers will be able to grow a brain.


And now for today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

An Italian politician who opposed compulsory chicken pox vaccination gets hospitalised after contracting chicken pox.

There really is karma.

And Paleo Pete Evans publicly endorses anti-vaxxers.

Looks like his views on vaccination are even more shonky than his widely criticised paleo diet.

And a video clip of anti-vax morons attacking medical professionals and mothers whose children have died.

What a disgusting bunch of brainless idiots.