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Thanks For Nothing, Anti-Vaxxers


Anti-vax stupidity has lead to this infant contracting measles before she was old enough to be protected.



While I agree that it was a great pity the young child in this case became infected, it is difficult to blame anti-vaxxers for this case. SE Asia is a very poor area of the world and not every parent/family over there can get the vaccine. WHO tries to help out with programs but it is very difficult to get enough coverage to provide the “herd immunity”.

Further on in the article it did disclose of a couple of children who did become infected because their parents chose not to vaccinate them then travelled to Sri Lanka (another hotspot) where they did contract the disease.

I agree the anti-vax movement is a threat to many and I wish I had the answers to eradicate the “belief”, but I certainly believe they do need to be somehow made responsible if their choice impacts another.


Intriguing experiment. Alarming results.


The concerning thing is if one is googling/searching for information on the internet, it means that they are in two minds about whether to get their child vaccinated. This is why the anti-vaxxers are highly successful as they are able to capture the indecisive with their websites, posts, videos etc, pull on emotiinal strings of parents with what seems some logical and persuasive arguments (even though that are not factually or scientifcally correct) and persuade those which may have vaccinated (if they had sought say medical advice), against vaccinations.


Young parents, particularly the mothers, seem to feature in these campaigns very much. I see this in my community, at the exciting and stressful time of life when they have babes and small children parents become vulnerable to this nonsense. It may be the first time in their life they have had to think about it but I think it is a deeper more emotional response.

It seems to be some kind of overprotective reaction where normally sensible people lose their judgement. All the statistics and herd immunity arguments and the overwhelming evidence that on balance vaccination does far more good than harm goes go out the window when you cannot bear the thought that something you do might, in rare situations, may cause some harm to your new bundle of joy. Immediacy beats probability, my flesh and blood are the most valuable. All the much debunked exaggerations of the anti-vaccs lobby suddenly seem reasonable and get a free pass. Once the attitude is adopted it is hard to recant so even when the vital evolutionary urge to protect wanes over time the attitude persists.


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Today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.




(If you don’t laugh, you cry)


Some more anti-vax articles.

Firstly, today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Second, a child who is obviously much smarter than his anti-vax mother.

And finally, an anti- vax person who woke up to the truth.

I wonder if these anti-vaxxers who were themselves vaccinated ever think about why they and others who were also vaccinated never contracted any of the diseases which they were inoculated against?

If so, how can they be so stupid as to place their own children and others at risk?


An epidemic of measles in Madagascar kills hundreds

Not caused by anti-vaxxers in this case but this illustrates the potential risks of what used to be called a ‘childhood disease’. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford vaccine, can’t get access or you refuse to use it, the result is the spread of a highly infectious disease that can kill or leave permanent disability.


I wouldn’t doubt it:



Thanks @n3m0. Made my day.
There must be something in the water out that way “Betoota”?

Our three boys enjoyed their capsules and car seats. And now they have stopped growing I only need to stand on a low stool to look them in the eye? We never had such luxury and simple used the back seat of the car as another play ground to fill in time on the journey. We all turned out shorter!

P.S. Concrete is one of the most environmentally unfriendly products around. And then there are all the health risks from the cement power and some of the other materials commonly used in the batching process. Perhaps cement powder has a new magical mind altering property still to be revealed? :roll_eyes:


First. Today’s episode of “You just can’t help stupid”.

Next. Not much point going to school if you will only end up as stupid as your parents.

Last. Another type of stupid.


And some sensible advice from Erin Molan.



That’s a joke right?
The name, the pic of the infant in the seat belt and a civil engineer being most uncivil.

Don’t know the local state law there but would have thought mandatory restraints would be in place (for the parents if they carry on like that).


The Betoota Advocate is satirical.


Yeah worked that out after looking at the other articles, very clever.


This also is satire:





An update regarding a petition on I signed, which called on Youtube and Facebook to ban anti-vax advertising on their websites.