Thank you Samsung and Appliances Online

Almost two years ago we bought a Samsung front loading washing machine, partly based on the Choice review. It was an update of a model that rated high on Choice’s recommended list at the time.

It broke down recently, just within the 24 month warranty, and I called Appliances Online from whom we’d purchased it. I only needed to quote the invoice number and they verified the purchase and contacted Samsung on our behalf. I then received a prompt and friendly call from Samsung, asking what error code the machine was displaying. From this they were able to send the specific parts required to a local repairer (in Toowoomba), who then called me and arranged a time and was able to complete the repair in one visit. From the first call to Appliances Online to the completion of the repair was about 8 days. Samsung offered to cover laundromat expenses during this time, which amounted to $89 (even though it is not possible to obtain receipts from a laundromat).

This process was very helpful, friendly, and efficient at every step from Appliances Online to Samsung to the local repairer.

Thank you!


Thanks sharing your experience @Gamekeeper, glad to hear you were able to get the repairs hassle free.


Isnt it great to read some positive feedback for a change.


Yes Samsung are great. We had a side by side fridge freezer stop working after 4years, the warranty was 2 years but I thought I’d give it a go anyway because any reasonable person would expect it to last a lot longer.
They had no problems with a full refund and as I’d kept the receipts for the contents of the freezer, around $600 worth, they offered $200. I said nope not good enough, so we eventualy settled on $400.
They organised the pick up and we went out and bought another Samsung.
ps: the unit was repairable.

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Thank you SAMSUNG for upgrading my Smart TV by REMOVING the YOUTUBE and TWITTER apps todsy. Last year you also upgraded it by REMOVING the NETFLIX app. You appear to be doing this to try to force us to buy a new TVs. Never will I purchase a Samsung Smart TV again.

It might be futile in a practical sense, but you should try using a demand letter using the ACL. Include the original sales literature that states your tellie included Youtube, Twitter and Netflix apps and they removed them without compensating you for a product having reduced features. I would ask for the price of a small laptop as requried to once again have those features.