Textile material - pure cotton?

My mum is visiting me, and I lent her a towel that says only the word “Cotton” on the label.

My understamding is that if other materials/fibres are also used, the label would need to say “Cotton blend” or something similar.

She says that “Cotton” indicates that it contains cotton, but not ONLY cotton. She says that only “100% cptton” or “Pure cotton” would mean that no cheap synthetic fibres were used.

  1. Which of these is it?

  2. Which authority regulates this, and where could I find the regulation or standard?



If it was bought in Australia and says ‘cotton’ on the label, the fabric will be 100% cotton.

If it wasn’t, it would say something like ‘cotton polyester’ ‘cotton viscose/rayon’ etc. These indicate a blend.

If it has stitching, there is potential that the stitching may be cotton or another fibre (natural or synthetic). Likewise the label itself.

Labelling comes under the ACCC and mandated standard. Misleading labelling would also be in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law.

If you bought the product online from overseas, then there is a risk that the labelling may not be accurate and cotton could in effect mean anything, include synthetic cotton alternatives. There have been reports in the past of consumers being duped when buying silk, leather, hemp and other textiles online from overseas…when on receipt the textile was something other (usually synthetic substitute) than that being advertised.