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Tests show 5G wireless potentially 60 times faster than NBN



Could you not imagine a ‘restructure’, say like 9 and Fairfax, to preserve the income?

Difficult times often create previously unthought of ‘opportunities’.


Some researchers have asked for more study into the possible effects of 5G usage on skin and corneas etc as the EMR of 5G only goes skin deep.


when you’re inside, you’ll want to stay close to the windows. That’s the only way you’re going to get a signal.



had been banking on the network being upgradeable to 5G, also using Huawei equipment, and with the government’s ban in August last year, that path has now been blocked.

The decision to kill off the mobile network means that TPG owns 4G spectrum it can’t use. It is also the joint owner of future 5G spectrum worth $263 million, which it bought with Vodafone at a recent auction.


Potentially 60 times faster, but:

50Mbps Satisfaction Guarantee*


Optus 5G will only be available within limited areas of selected suburbs.

It’s early days, but I’d amend that to profitable areas of selected suburbs. Ain’t competition great?

50 Mb/s is still better than 6 or 2 or best effort, but how does it stack up against fibre?


“TPG stops it mobile network due to Huawei ban”

Not if you are Telstra and Ericsson!


For the time being at least, I think I’ll stick with 4G.


Thank goodness nothing like this could ever happen in Australia! :expressionless:


I have an uneasy feeling about this. Which essential services will come to rely on 5G?


Fujitsu have released a new blade Fibre Optic device. This new device over a single fibre has achieved:

“This new transponder also enables the highest spectral efficiency in the industry, claims Fujitsu, achieving up to 76.8 Tbps per single fiber by extending C-band transmission to the adjacent L-band, with comparable performance”, that in Gbps is 76,800 Gbps.

Now compared to Gb speeds this leaves Wireless in the dust. The T600 device is actually designed to be used as part of the system to bridge 5G transport networks to Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) systems which now generally rely on Fibre.