Temple & Webster online shopping prices/ refunds

I’ve been looking at buying a floor rug online…those items that are always ridiculously discounted! I was checking out some on Temple & Webster. One rug I like has an RRP of $875, which I independently verified on the importer’s website.
The sale price, 40% off was listed as $529. All good so far.
When you proceed to checkout, a couple of interesting things I saw. Prices were all the same, however, they are now telling me I’m saving $995.80 (65%). I experimented and noticed some weird price comparisons/savings on other rugs too. Their pricing claims seem a little deceptive to me.

They are also offering, for an additional cost…not sure what to make of this option!

Add Purchase Protection for just $5.95
Purchase Protection?
Purchase Protection includes:
Freight Protection - covers loss or damage in transit
Refund Guarantee - refund (not store credit) if you change your mind. Excludes non-returnable items


I think I know the ones you mean @Suzique, “All rugs must go!”. Hard to know if it’s an ad for a rug sale or a demolition derby sometimes.

The pricing changes are definitely a concern, but at least your checkout price hadn’t increased. The purchase protection and refund guarantee are also already a given under the ACL, you are entitled to refund or remedy if the rug shows up damaged or not fit for purpose.

Appreciate you highlighting this here for us, I’ll be sure to share this with my colleagues.

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