Telstra scam - new contracts never agreed to

In February 2016 my son moved into a new house. He contacted Telstra to have the internet and phone connected. The service guy turned up and told us that the cable to the property is not connected and that has to be done by a different department. We are still waiting on the connection.
On Monday July 11th I rang Telstra to find out when the connection will be done. I was connected by Telstra to somebody in the department responsible for connections. The person I was transferred to sounded like somebody from a call centre in India. He told me he needs my details to follow up on the issue. When he asked me about my driver licence number I got suspicious and asked to talk to his manager. I was transferred to the ‘Manager’ and was told by him that this is the procedure to check my identity. I provided the details and was told that my request regarding the connection has been put in the system and I will receive .
Within an hour I received an email form Telstra confirming ‘Your Broadband Order Summary’ and the cost is $110 per month followed by another three (3) emails ‘Welcome to the Telstra Air Community’, ‘Important Information About your home phone service’ and ‘Email bill has been activated’.
a) I don’t live on that address
b) There is still no Telstra connection to the house
c) No mention of the connection issue / request
The email bill activation comes from **‘Telstramailbill noreply’. No contact phone number.
The website doesn’t have a contact number nor contact email address. If you follow the Help & Support prompt you come to a site with answers to issues but it doesn’t allow you to talk / email to somebody regarding your issue.
I am very disappointed that Telstra choses to sign up people to very expensive contracts without approval of the person.


Hi @jorg.koplin,
I know it can take a lot of time, expense and energy to sort these things out, especially when you’re not getting the result you want. If you’re still experiencing issues like the incorrect address and no connectivity, then it’s important to get it sorted out.

Hope this helps, and thanks for sharing your experience.


Telstra’s web site contact page shows a complaints option that includes a mailing address, phone number 13 22 00, fax number 1800 753 949, and an online form. Suggest you start with the phone and keep copious notes of who you spoke to, what was said, and a “reference number”. Good luck!

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On top of all negative comments about Telstra,check your bills very, very carefully. If you happen to have a mobile phone plan, look at page 5 - we found a 5c charge for each SMS we sent. When we queried the charge, we were firstly advised that it could be a feature on our phones, which we checked and could not find, then they turned off the feature at their end, with the help of their technician and now all we can do is hope that it does not happen in the future. For just 2 months these extra charges amounted to $3,30 - imagine how that could creep up over the months of your contract. They do have a very good Chat service, just a rather lengthy wait time, but certainly better than going in to a Telstra shop!