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'Telstra Optus Technical Department' on the Prowl


I received a robo call today, thought this mob had given up but not so. It went something like this:

Your internet service will be disconnected tomorrow because of payment problems.

Press 1 to pay now or 2 to have your internet disconnected.

I stayed on the line to see what would happen. A young lady with a strong Indian accent was obviously in a fairly large boiler room. I only got limited information about who they were - Telstra Optus Technical Department. I was not inclined to play further today. It would not be surprising if these ‘operators’ are just naive young people working for a scammer and think they are in legitimate call centres just doing a job; and some probably know they are doing a scam and don’t care since they probably get commissions. Maybe and maybe not. Not having caller-ID no number to report.


Thanks for the warning :+1:


They don’t give up. Today it was a mechanical robo-voice from the Australian National Broadband Network.


I had the exact same robot call yesterday - and have had several over the past month or so. I tried to put in a complaint to the government scam body, but if the calls come from overseas, it seems nothing can be done. VERY annoying!


Nothing is usually done when they are on-shore either :frowning:

Reports get posted on scamwatch and that is usually the end of it except when one becomes politically impossible to ignore. It is ‘being seen’ or the equivalent of a ‘photo op’ for government, not ‘doing’.


that’s an expected disappointment. I’ll just hang up which goes against my politeness grain, but that is wearing a bit thin!!


I get these several times a week nowadays. They always say they are some company’s technical department. I agree with TheBBG that nothing ever happens to address this, whether they are lodged from or beyond Australia. That’s something I’d really like to hear about from the Government in terms of prioritisation.


It’ll never happen in this country, reports to the ACCC do nothing, reports to fair trading/consumer affairs do nothing, scamwatch and other similar sites do nothing. All they do is take a report which may or may not be included in some statistics they release once a year. We could be more proactive as well and actually shut many of these scams down fairly quickly but we do nothing.


They don’t seem so naive when you challenge them about whether they’re part of a scam or not. We were getting these ‘Telstra’ robocalls every day for a few weeks, and one time my housemate got through to an operator who told him to ‘call our headquarters in Melbourne if you don’t believe me’ then hung up without another word.