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'Telstra Optus Technical Department' on the Prowl


I received a robo call today, thought this mob had given up but not so. It went something like this:

Your internet service will be disconnected tomorrow because of payment problems.

Press 1 to pay now or 2 to have your internet disconnected.

I stayed on the line to see what would happen. A young lady with a strong Indian accent was obviously in a fairly large boiler room. I only got limited information about who they were - Telstra Optus Technical Department. I was not inclined to play further today. It would not be surprising if these ‘operators’ are just naive young people working for a scammer and think they are in legitimate call centres just doing a job; and some probably know they are doing a scam and don’t care since they probably get commissions. Maybe and maybe not. Not having caller-ID no number to report.

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