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Telstra..... Oops you did it again



Telstra was on TV the other week saying that they need to get their customers
back introducing new plans for everyone to compete with other telco’s

One of their plans was $69 for 40 gigs then slowed to 1.5Mb/s

Now introducing the new plans its now $69 for 30gigs then slowed to 1.5Mb/s
where you can see with vodafone they have a plan for $60 for 60 gigs then slowed

Wake Up telstra


Telstra tried to offer a mate of mine - on a DISABILITY PENSION - a phone & net plan for $88 A FORTNIGHT. And then wondered why the offer was loudly rejected! They seem totally removed from reality.


If one applies the old adage to Telstra " We learn from the mistakes we make in life " then I must be talking to people with the intelligence of an Einstein on the other end of the phone when I contact them.


Honest question, did they know your mate was on a disability pension or was this just another sales call launched from their data base?

Separately, to survive the job in these days of sell, sell, sell surely there must be someone, somewhere, on disability living with family and having essentially zero personal living costs who wants a new phone and internet service! They might even share the internet service with their caring family. Leave no chance to chance! (/sarcsm)


My friend’s first comment to Telstra staff was “I’m on a disability pension . .”. We didn’t realise we needed to make it any clearer. Thankfully, it’s all sorted now, but we’re still angry that they tried to sell my friend a plan that was so obviously too expensive.