Telstra - Feeling disconnected? - Difficulties in getting someone out to fix problems

Well done… What a champion @grahroll !

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Way to go @grahroll . Great of you to do that .

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Funny. When you call iinet to connect internet, they force you to waive your rights - no waiver no connection.

Had a lovely argument with their call centre staff member on the phone over it.


I don’t know where to begin with the fiasco that is the NBN connection. I’ve had issues with TelstraNBN since October 2016. Started off with the black modem and experienced drop out after drop out and miserable “speed”. In January they gave me a white modem which appeared to fix the drop outs, but not the speed - 4mbps downloads 2.6mbps uploads! It wasn’t until I rang to cancel the 24month contract with Telstra that they sent out a techie in March - he fixed the problem in 30 minutes. It took 4 months for them to actually send a technician. Now after a storm on 13th March, it’s gone phut again and after making half dozen phone calls, finally got them to send a technician out, but not until 17th March. I had already lodged a compensation claim which is being refuted so I’ll be following up the CSG option with gusto.

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Has anyone else been suffering a nightmare experience from Telstra.
Problems with landline, Interim phones and internet connection for this year alone seven months . Landline not working. Interim. Phones not working sent 76, yes 76 emails , to them in seven months ! Not answering emails and attending to problems.

I have moved your post to an existing thread which deals with this issue. If you look back through the preceding posts you will see that others are just as frustrated as you are.

An answer from another thread which may assist:


Hi @At-end-of-the-tether, is your phone and internet NBN?

If it is through the NBN, ACMA provides some useful information about service complaints:


Been there, done that from repeated fails by NBN. 75 hours down time in 2020 mostly for the same reason at NBN, reason not germane here but pretty basic, including a 39 hour and a 15 hour episode. @At-end-of-the-tether will need to approach this realistically if it involves NBN, and may have more good fortune if it is ‘just’ Telstra causing him grief.

Complaints to the TIO about NBN are rejected because one cannot complain about NBN, one can only complain about one’s RSP as the deliverer of ‘bad service’. Subsequently going to ACMA on 3/9/2020 resulted in an automated ticket number and a notice I may receive a satisfaction survey. The rest has been crickets.

Being with Aussiebroadband and having multiple ‘heart to heart talks’ with support, I know they are as frustrated by NBNCo as we end users, so I chose not to put them in the cross hairs.

Have a problem that is NBN caused not RSP kit caused? All the RSP can do is make a report to NBN and a booking for an NBN tech to attend, and that booking will be cancelled if service gets restored beforehand. If the NBN kit is repeatedly faulty for whatever reason that process becomes repetitive, yet we consumers cannot complain about NBNCo, just the poor RSP in the middle that has no control.

/rant, at least for now


See the exchange between myself and the Telstra chat line - Ever decreasing nonsense that led nowhere in the end. Crazy stuff. Have removed the names : -

My words to them in **

You keep sending me this reminder. I don’t have a Telstra Broadband account, its my father. I’ve told you this before but nothing has happened.

Hi MR J G RI++++,

You’ve used 85% of your monthly home broadband data allowance.
When your monthly data usage allowance is reached:
Your broadband speed at home will be reduced to a low speed of 256kbps. You won’t incur excess data usage charges on your plan
Telstra Air members won’t be able to connect to any of the Telstra Air hotspots in Australia or any Fon hotspots overseas

At the start of your next billing month or, if you choose to top-up your data, your broadband speed at home will return to normal and you will be able to use Telstra Air.

Here’s a summary of your usage and plan allowance:
Your data usage so far: 85598MB

Your monthly data allowance: 100000MB

Your data allowance will reset on: 14/05/2021

Hi Greg, I appreciate the frustration with the notifications you’re receiving for your father’s connection. These are sent automatically by our account system to the contact email address listed on the account. If your father has used your address on the account he can update it online via the usage emails are sent to his own one in future. Greg

I do have a Telstra ‘mobile’ account, so I guess my email has been sourced from that. My father is 94 next birthday and whilst in good fettle and not too bad with the digital world, is not that great either his email is []. You already know this of course, so please just reroute the advice to the correct address. I am not a party to this contract.

Thank you for the update, but if you’re not listed as a representative on your father’s account I’m not able to access it to make changes to it on his behalf. Your father can make the change with our teams on 13 22 00 as an alternative to the page on our site. Greg

Exactly! So why send me his broadband information

I’m not sure whey your address would have been used as the contact for the account, but it can be changed via the link online or by our teams on the phone. Greg

You already know the situation-can you please arrange the rectification

I’m afraid I can only make changes on an account or service if contacted by the account holder or an authroised representative. If your father contacts our teams he can have you added to the account as well as getting the email address updated.


Hi @rickieg

Looks like the old Catch 22 situation. Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t.

A possible solution is to get your Father to make you an authorised person on his account then get the change done, you can do this by visiting him and ringing Telstra and do it as a one time authority to act on his behalf while you are there (distance and time permitting).

You could also contact their Privacy people and advise them you are not authorised to be receiving these sensitive bits of information and they may be in breach of Privacy provisions as you have already informed them that you are receiving personal and confidential information by mistake. Email address is If you are going to complain about this situation to other resposible for Privacy issues Organisations eg TIO you must contact Telstra first about the privacy issues.

If a credit issue arises or they conduct a check with an Agency your Email address may also be sent to a Credit Reporting Bureau and may affect your Credit rating or may be given to others who request a Credit Report on your Father. You may want to inform Telstra of this possibility that they have sent incorrect information to their Credit Reporting sources and that you require this be fixed. I would also be making a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Comissioner (OAIC) and include this possibility. Also copy Telstra via their privacy email address into this email to the OAIC… OAIC’s normal email address is and is the email address if you want to use email to make the complaint (this email address is not encrypted).

From the OAIC site

How to lodge a complaint with us

"The Privacy Act 1988 requires your complaint to us be in writing. We can’t take it over the phone.

We can accept a written complaint:

It’s free to lodge a complaint. You don’t need a lawyer. However, if you do decide to hire a lawyer, you must pay for the lawyer."

Telstra make the following statement in regards to Privacy Complaints and there are links to the TIO and the Office of the Australian Information Comissioner in the statement.

How can you make a privacy complaint?

You can also use our contact details to notify us of any privacy complaints you have against us. We are committed to acknowledging your complaint in a prompt manner and will give you an estimated timeframe for when we will respond to your complaint.

If your complaint is in relation to a credit reporting issue we will acknowledge your complaint in writing as soon as possible and in any event within 7 days. We will aim to investigate and resolve your complaint within 30 days of receiving it. If we need more time, we will notify you about the reasons for the delay and indicate a new estimate timeframe. We may need to consult with a credit reporting body or another credit provider to investigate your complaint.

While we hope that we will be able to resolve any complaints you may have, you can also lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

You can also lodge a complaint with the following regulators:

Telecommunications & associated products and services:


Thanks for the advice, I was generally aware of the possible remedies and avenues to try and effect redress. I would have thought that, if the Telstra operator dragged themselves away from their script and thought about wha the situation was, then redirecting something to the right person and the right email address and removing notification to a person who has no connection with the account and not the right email address was just correcting an administrative error by Telstra, and should not require a person unconnected with the matter to jump through hoops to remedy the matter. I would be wrong I guess.


They can’t change the account details without authority nor are they able to really confirm that the person you are asking about has an account with them or the status of that account. Anybody who rings up and is not authorised to act on the account could maliciously alter details if they acted as you suggest

They only have your word on this so they must have proof of the error eg you emailing them via the incorrect email address to get it removed off the record would be someway to the proof needed. Jumping through hoops is the usual standard for most businesses when it comes to privacy matters.


They never had account details on may father’s account that in any way included me! It only all started a couple of months ago, and as far as I can recall, my father has had an account with Telstra/Telecom/PMG since the 60’s. Please don’t respond, this is going nowhere. Regards

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What did you come for that you did not get?

I think it may have been to inform us of the service they received. I understand their frustration with getting the problem fixed, but sometimes you have to battle the system in a different way to get the outcomes you want.