Telstra Email Problems

I live at Inverell in northern NSW. In March 2015, I went on Telstra’s wireless direct NBN service - excellent !
Around September 2016, Telstra migrated us from BigPond to TelstraMail.
Since then, I, and many of my friends have been experiencing frustration and difficulties with Telstra’s email program.

This problem has increased dramatically since migration and seems to be worsening.
I send emails to others, most are received, some are not. I am sent emails and replies to emails that do not appear in my inbox.
It seems all ISP’s are involved, Telstra, BigPond, Gmail, Yahoo etc.

I complained in early January 2017 to my local member, my complaint was passed to Telstra Countrywide.
I was allocated a Case Manager and there’s been ongoing liaison since mid January.
My computer has been tested by Telstra and no fault found however, this email problem persists and is worsening.

My Case Manager contacts me once a week with the advice that there’s no word of any resolution to my problem, this has been the situation since late January.
I am coming to the the conclusion that Telstra have a BIG problem with their new Mail system but of course, they will never admit to such.

Is anyone else out there experiencing email difficulties ?

Warren, 25 February 2017


I never use email boxes supplied by ISPs. Mainly because if I change my provider for any reason down the track I also have to change my email address for EVERYTHING! Open yourself a free Outlook or Gmail email account to use instead. You can then access it via their web log in, or via an email app such as Outlook or Mail on Windows or Mail on iPhones and iPads. They seem to be more reliable than some ISP email accounts with less chances of outages when you go to check your emails.

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I couldn’t agree more. When Telstra changed to their new system I found that you had to go into each email to see any pictures, which I found a great nuisance. I also had a G-mail account and have been accessing my Telstra e-mails through G-mail ever since. I currently have a plan with Telstra but as soon as the plan ends I shall be looking for a new server.

Yes Telstra email is really bad . I hardly ever use it as I’ve got 2 gmail addresses but when I do it generally times out . Really slow , very frustrating . Would expect a lot better from a company like Telstra .

Check out Thunderbird mail client and connect to your email via IMAP service. It is mostly automatic. You setup your email account using your email address and password, select IMAP, and for some email services it does the rest automatically from there. For the others it is not much more difficult.

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