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An interesting new product being promoted by Telstra:
All bright, shiny and new, but check out the connections. No antenna port.

Given the difficulty 5G frequencies have penetrating walls - and the fact that the hub will generally be inside a building, Telstra seems to assume that every building will have an external antenna and internal transmitter(s). Without that, would the hub work well - or at all?


Perhaps a micro-cell product but they don’t want customers to know it yet? Buy one and discover its ‘beauties’ so Telstra can respond by offering a $$$$ antenna kit or 5G amplifier.


Fortunately it also can connect to the more mundane 4G-X.

Given Telstra has a very limited 5G area for use, that is also a great feature!

Telstra’s everyday 4G wireless modems typically do not provide external antenna connections either. You need to insist if you require that feature. There is at least one portable model that has a dual antenna connection. Works best next to the window when indoors.


I’ve edited the title of this thread to broaden its scope. For 5G, Telstra looks like the one to watch.

So 5G is referenced purely for marketing purposes? Got it!

5G differs from 4GX in that the frequencies employed for the higher speeds are readily disrupted (by masonry, moisture or vegetation, for example). There are many places where Telstra 4G also doesn’t work without an external antenna or signal booster.

An acquaintance reports asking about the HTC 5G hub in a Telstra store, only to be told that they wouldn’t give him any information or let him see one unless he committed to buy first. The information’s on the web sites of both Telstra and HTC, so something weird is going on.


That Telstra has priced 160GB of monthly downloads as its best offer is an eloquent statement about how it thinks 5G will be used, presumably to access a LOT of data.


That sounds incredibly dodgy - the kind of thing you would expect from these guys.


Sounds like a case of poorly trained employees to me. You’d be surprised how some salespeople don’t know basic information available on their website. Said employee probably didn’t want to go through the pain of asking someone else unless they knew they were getting a sale


Agree. Totally my experience with 4GX and Telstra. At home I need to put the Telstra device in one of two windows to hit 2 bars and a reliable service at speeds not much better than 3G. Away it can be very good. Video streaming and email. Buildings, forest etc still seem to impact 4G in some locations, hence the option for an antenna is important.
I’d suggest Telstra 4GX is in the same ball park performance as Optus 4G LTE (Plus), although that I access with an iPhone 8 which has no external antenna option.

For anyone lucky enough to live close to a Telstra 5G micro cell better news perhaps.
But $129 for the 160GB you noted it looks not so sweet. That’s also less than 5hrs of data at 100Mbps data rate. Which is much less than 5G is capable of. It is one big premium to save milliseconds on down loading the email?

More cute than sweet on Telstra’s behalf given Optus will do 100GB for $60pm on sim only, or 200GB for $65pm on fixed mobile data on a contract and throw in the 4G Plus modem.

There is also an Optus plan for 500GB, only $85pm.

Yes you need to live in an area with reliable Optus coverage and accept likely limitations at peak times. For a casual user a little data can go a long way!


For 5G, the HTC 5G Hub uses only 5G NR Band n78. That’s 3.5 GHz. The same part of the spectrum is used for NBN fixed wireless. It will be interesting to see how 5G coexists with fixed wireless.

Experience with fixed wireless is that 3.5GHz signals need line of sight between transmitter and receiver. If the transmitter is close enough to the receiver, then it might be able to put out a signal strong enough to punch through limited obstructions. That would be expensive in power and running costs.

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