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I have been a member of Defence Health Fund for a number of years and have always found their Hospital insurance very good value for money. As a dialysis patient for 15 months I was a heavy user as they were paying out $700 a week. the plan also included ambulance cover. The plan I am on is no longer available but they did not force me to change to the replacement plan which I assumed might be less generous. My Extras cover which was Top Level at the time I purchased it was not so generous for dental work but covered items such as a blood pressure monitor and some non PBS medications. I have never needed to talk to them by phone as all claims have been handled promptly. So only positive dealings with them, nothing negative.


I have been with Defence Health (previously called Army Health Benefits Society) over 40 years continuously. I worked for the Army in a clerical role for 3 months when I was 16, joined and stayed - reliable, good communicators and no more expensive than comparable schemes (I have always had Top Extras cover). Easy claims.