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Telephone Directories. Does Anyone Still Use Them?


Yep yep…Add or subtract until the height is right :smile:


Thanks for that. Used to be a different place you could cancel, which I had done, and that lasted for a couple of years and then they began delivering them again quite spontaneously. I’ve just cancelled again.


Sorry I disagree I neither got Telstra directories nor did I get one delivered (Frankston) BUT I would like to have a directory and have just changed over to Telstra for Broadband/phone plan ($70 a month instead of $85 or $99 from Optus) and was asked to allow my entry in directory and said yes. Why, this telephone number has been in the family for 50 odd years and I want to retain it in case some Rellie contact from Scotland needs to contact us.


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We get two separate local Yellow Pages deliveries in my country zone. Both books are quite different. We need 2 dozen books for our business. I ask the deliverer if his books have the maps (our customers use the maps, not so much the contents) and I tell the other delivery man we do not need his product and we will not use it. They absolutely insist on delivering them because I assume they get paid on volume. They finish leaving them somewhere on our premises and I assume either I recycle them or he dumps them somewhere else. Very bad situation that needs addressing. I am not the only one.


As a small business owner I just recently cancelled my business line, white telephone pages listing and yellow pages directory listing. All up I will be saving over $500 per year as I did not get a single call on the business line and no one responded to our yellow pages listing.
All of my business comes from google and our web page/facebook.
I will be using the money saved by upgrading my mobile handset.
I will still be keeping the home landline as it is connected to home pabx system but that is under review as well.


You might find the multiple books are from different publishers or at least different banner heads from the same company, each that individually sells business advertising and listing services. Sales of listings start with come-ons like this.. The grand daddy of them is Sensis a once Telstra company in distress whereby they sold a majority holding to a US venture company that specialises in ‘distressed businesses’. Reading between the lines on their about should be instructive why their business are somewhat aggressive in ‘building value’.

Each publisher needs to be contacted separately. Sensis, the biggest publisher, has this page to start as well as stop delivery for its publications, and see their FAQs.


I use the Yellow Pages when I’m getting quotes. I think it’s telling that the more expensive businesses have full-page listings, while the more reasonably priced ones have medium-sized or somewhat smaller ones.

Apart from that, I don’t have to put up with irrelevant finds and advertising or have my search pop up days later on a different web site.


No ad blockers installed?


I have one installed, but it’s high time I installed something better.


Here is an absolute classic with Sensis issusing Darrell Lea with a cease-and desist letter over their resurrecting the old “Not Happy Jan” Yellow Pages TV ad.

I believe that Darrell Lea has much more relevence, and is certainly of more use than the Yellow Pages is now.

They should be grateful that Darrell Lea reminded people who had completely forgotten about their directories…

And Darrell Lea is still an Australian owned company which is actually going forward.



Yes definitely. And so do many people of my vintage without the luxury of computers. Or have a computer to receive photos of the grands and do nothing else. Might take this one up with local members as well as needing smart phones for govt dealings. Of interest, my niece tried to beat me finding a number on her whiz bang mobile in the time it took to find the number in the yellow pages. I just beat her. Telephone Books forever. Just wish they didn’t keep getting stolen or destroyed in public phone boxes.


I don’t. I’ve cancelled the directory I dont know how many times now… at least every year for the last three and I think once before that, and still they come. Mine now go straight into recycling.


You still have public phone boxes where you are?! It occurs with the mandated change from PSTN to NBN VOIP that the few remaining public phones are going to need ‘upgrades’ (to be polite) before ‘it’ is over. It will be interesting to see how that goes, directories supplied or not.

How long can I put off switch to NBN?

Yes, we have one in the main street and one outside the park. they get used too. The change over cannot be worse than trying to get NBN sorted out into the house. Took over 3 weeks and many hours of holding on whilst deach dept in the PHillipines got their cut.