Teddy dog lucky sham

I saw a video advertisement on social media for Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky toys and thought the toy looked too realistic to be true. So I decided to do a bit of hunting to see if they are a realistic as they are advertised or it is a misleading scam/sham product.

Unfortunately my suspicions were the only thing which were realistic, these are scam websites and are not realistic dog toys.

The dogs used in the advertisements are real…that is blood and bone dogs and not the dogs being sold…this is one such website but there are many more similar ones…


and part of the advertisement purporting to show a Teddy Dog Lucky…

So these look really real…but, what do you get from these scammers?..something which looks very different…

These scam sellers are saturating social media with videos and advertisements claiming they are legimiate products. Don’t be fooled as they are a sham. They are there to betray your trust and take your money for a sham product.


I received Teddy Dog Lucky and it is not what they advertised. I was expecting it to be just like it was shown to be. Running and almost lifelike but it is just a stuffed toy and does nothing. They should not be so wrong in their description. Is there something we could do about this?


Welcome to the community @mika

The first thing to learn is to always research products before one buys them, especially those touted on social media since there is no vetting nor any protection.

Since you have already purchased it, and it is not as described, you can claim a refund for merchandise not as described, and since these sales sites appear to be scams your best avenue to do that is by lodging a chargeback claim on your credit card, assuming you paid with one. If you used paypal or another payment service, most of them have similar dispute processes to get refunds. Be aware there are time limits, generally 60 or 90 days for cards, and each payment service is unique.

For some information on chargebacks search the community using the search tool, or visit your card issuer’s web site. It will often be described under dispute resolution.

Please let us know how you go.


Hi @mika, welcome to the community and it is said to hear that you were caught by this scam product.

The original post was made to try and broadcast as widely as possible that this scam product exists to hopefully protect consumers like yourself falling for the product’s scam advertising.

How did you pay for the ‘teddy dog’?

As @PhilT indicated, depending on the payment method, it may be possible to get your money back.

If you paid with PayPal, you can raise a dispute through the PayPal payment system. This PayPal website outlines their dispute process:

and this one:


With PayPal, it is best to contact the seller and say that the product is not as advertised and that you are requesting a refund. Should the seller not provide the refund, you will be lodging a dispute with the PayPal resolution centre.

If the seller provides a refund outside the PayPal dispute resolution process, still lodge a complaint with PayPal as often scam product sellers will offer refunds to maintain option to use PayPal as a payment system (if PayPal gets too many complaints about them they may cancel the ability for the seller to use them).

If it was paid by credit card, contact your card issuer immediately and ask for a chargeback. Let them know you have paid for a product which is nothing like that advertised and is a scam product.

If you paid by other means such as electronic bank transfer, it may be impossible to get your money back. It still doesn’t hurt raising the matter with your bank as soon as possible to see if any avenues for getting your money back exists.

And if you paid by cash or gift cards (hopefully this is not the case for an unknown purchase online as seller usually asking for such payment methods often indicates it is a scam), you will have lost your money.