Tebo Massage Chairs

I noticed an ad on the TV my wife had on in the kitchen the other morning.for Tebo Massage Chairs and the mention of “negative ion therapy” caught my attention.

It would appear that the only thing that this “incredible” invention does not do is to get your morning coffee for you. Perhaps the next model wll?

However, checking reviews for Tebo and the TV Shop provides a less glowing picture.



The Tebo did not even make the cut on a listing of some 33 good, bad and indiffrenet massage chairs on Product Review.

“Who ya gonna call?” Certainly not Tebo or the TV Shop.



How about the negative ion and magnetic therapy too!

And then there is the ‘social massage function’. Is that like showering with a friend and if so can it be adjusted to suit all preferences?

As one of the shills says “This massage chair is unbelievable.” And so is the price.


They seem pathologically determined to keep the price a secret.

To me that means one thing: the price is obscenely high.

I would avoid a company that does business that way.

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