TAPO security cams working but not alerting at time of intrusion

I have set up two TAPO wired T320 security cams and am very satisfied with the clarity and easy of use. problem is they record alerts etc but do not alert my phone at time of intrusion. I have been through my phone setting and camera setting many many times but stil no good. does anyone have a solution to my problems. thanks Alanb

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To clarify, are you looking to be alerted on your phone when in WiFi range of the cameras, or when remote from the cameras, which would mean Internet connection?


Does the vendor of the security cams have a solution?

Do you have a basis for believing that those cams are even capable of alerts?

Tying those two questions together … did the vendor lead you to believe that such a capability exists?

Can you at least link to the user manual for those cams? Do you have a user manual? Have you looked at it?

Do you think that the cams will be alerting you via voice call? SMS? email? something else? (“Something else” could be some privacy-destroying software that you have to run on a computer or on a phone.)

Are the cams reliant on the cloud?

Is there a forum for customers of this make of cam where you could ask people who have more specific and direct knowledge of the product?


Looking at the website it appears that some functionality of the notifications may be part of the subscription service with TAPO (see screenshot)…


Do you have a subscription for the advance notification features?

Notwithstanding this, it appears that use of the camera without subscription provides ‘instant notification’ - I haven’t been able to find out what this means.

Unfortunately TAPO doesn’t seem to have a written manual. Instead it uses videos to assist with setup etc. It might be worth watching the videos to see if they cover notification setup.

Also check the app on your phone that all notifications are allowed for the app. Notifications tends to indicate that the cameras must be connected to the internet so that firmware associated with the cameras (either locally or through the TAPO) pushes the notifications to the app. This raises a second question if the notifications come from TAPO, do you have an account set up with TAPO with the cameras linked to the account so that notifications can be pushed out?


Were you told they would do this for you when you purchased them or did the advertising promise that function. If it did you may have protection of ACL to get a refund, repair, or replacement. While you may not wish to go down this path, it does offer up the option of getting some compensation for not having the function you purchased them for, if you understood this was a service freely offered as part of the purchase. You could then use the compensation amount to fund or help fund what seems now to be their “premium” paid for service.