Tap description wrong on website return rights?

Tap was described in Buildmat website as a pullout. Their website has a page describing difference between pullout and pull-down taps.
Received the tap and it is pull-down so I cannot use it to wash my dog. Buildmat say it is their supplier’s description. The other correctly described tap on the website they said they make. Initially I could only have a credit, now a refund has been offered but less the original delivery fee (was free as I bought other items but this changes if you return due to change of change as they are calling this return) and the return courier cost and if any they assess any damage a restocking fee. I am anxious about a small tear in the box. They say I have 7 days to return the tap as they have already gone above their return policy by giving me a refund. Partial though it will be! What are my consumer rights as the tap was not what it was supposed to be? They keep insisting it is the way their supplier describes it and not their fault, I should have called them before ordering


Welcome @Pantsyamonkey

If it doesn’t match the description on the website then it is a major failure and you are entitled to a full refund. Cost of return may need to be initially paid by you, if the item is small enough to be returned by postage/parcel, but you are entitled to claim that cost as well. You should take screen shots of the descriptions in case anything changes after.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is quite clear on when an item does not match the description.

There have been many discussions on this site about ACL rights and I encourage you to search and read about your rights and what actions you should and can take.


That should be between Buildmat and their supplier, eg their suppliers fault.

Businesses have been known to ‘correct’ their websites in real time when faced with a problem so

The sales contract was between you and Buildmat. Anything else whereby they might attempt to do less than required is noise.

Their policy is not law. The ACL is. If you want to protect yourself ask for a prepaid mailing label. If they refuse state to them up front you will be expecting postage to be reimbursed.

Read about returning faulty products on this ACCC page, especially regarding packaging.


Thank you for your advice it is very much appreciated. I thought their description had to be correct but it is intimidating when they are giving deadlines and sending big excerpts of policy. Thank you.