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TAKE AWAY FOOD : Which one/s do you shop at Poll?

  • McDonalds

  • Hungry Jacks

  • KFC

  • Redrooster

  • Pizza shop

  • Fish and chip shop

  • Chinese Takeaway

  • Other

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This is a multiple choice poll .The “Other” category would cover Noodle shops , Pie Shops , Middle Eastern Food takeaways , Food delivery services etc . Feel free to post below what you prefer .

Disclaimer . I promote a balanced diet made up of fresh vegetables and produce home prepared . If you are a regular user of takeaway services consult your doctor or a dietitian to find out if the diet is well balanced and suitable for you .


We haven’t had any in the list for about 3 years (last time had fish and chips from a store) or 20+ years for the rest.

We generally prefer to find a good local slow food restaurant and eat there. The same price as takeaway, but no cleaning up afterwards.


If I’m running late at night when I go fishing I will drop into the local fish and chip shop . Maybe once a month this would happen .


Our local hamburger shop has the best fish & chips in town with their crumbed mackeral being the largest, tastiest and cheapest in town, which we have at least once a week.

The best Thai in town is a few shops away from the hamburger shop and we get Laska from them around once a month.

We also get some great pies at least once a month.


I don’t take home any Take Away food,
nor have any delivered.
Very seldom, if with friends, we go to a local fish and chips shop, or to a very good one on the Strand in Williamstown, but we sit at the tables outside and enjoy the view of the Bay
while we share our food with the seagulls.

BTW @vax2000, what about the fish
you have caught?


Would like to have a poll option for “No thank you”, and it seems I’m not the only one.


Hi @Gaby I usually catch carp at the lake I fish . I don’t eat carp but fillet it out for others who do . Strange thing with carp if you boneless fillet them you only get 10% of the total fish weight back in fillets .

I have 2 Asian friends I fish with . They prepare the carp by just deep frying it in a wok . They cook the flesh off the bone . I’ll stick to King George whiting and bream I think . :smiley:


We “can’t afford” takeaway and went off buying a serve of chips after Mr Z had a heart attack and started to get serious about his diet and weight loss. However, I must admit to buying Fish & Chips a fortnight ago $35.50 for 3 bits of fish incl $3 chips - that was a big enough shock, but Mr Z gave two thumbs down to the ‘Mullet’ that didn’t taste anything like his favourite pungent, oily fish. Ordinary Fish & Chippery in country town, where we had previously bought battered fish covered in burnt bits, but they only charged us about $19. New management and double the price!

I went for Other as we have eaten out at cafes - salad, sandwich, etc about $10 for two.


Hi Mike, I like Whiting and Bream, too.
And Flathead fillets, which seem to double in price every time I see some at the South Melbourne market!


Hi @Gaby I’ll second that on the flathead . Very underrated .


I have consumed carp in Asia and the meat has a muddy taste (unlike the sweet meat of sea/ocean fish often consumed in Australia and widely available). While the flesh is okay, I must admit that they aren’t my favourite fish, mainly due to the number of very fine bones (some as sharp as pins and forked in shape) which makes their consumption not overly enjoyable. They also take on flavours introduced in the cooking process very well and maybe why they are enjoyed by our neighbours to the north.

We have only eaten them whole (that is served whole on a plate or in a soup)…but it would have possibly been a more pleasant experience to have a deboned fillet.


I try to avoid shopping at any of the large chains/franchises, because they all use so much plastic packaging! I don’t mind paying a little more for my food if it comes in paper or cardboard which can go in recycling or an industrial compost.


I very occasionally will buy a $10 lunchtime special from the local Thai or Indian restaurants, and save it for movie night with my son. The food is more fancy than I cook, so it’s a treat, and reasonable value.


Totally agree!


Perhaps once a month we might pick up fish and chips from local businesses. No franchises. We much prefer to take fresh home and cook to suit.

The local bakery outlet might be the go for a pie or pastie to take home for lunch. Vegetarian options in both lines. Or when away sushi or rice paper rolls.

Nothing expensive or extravagant.


I’ve just had my last hot chips from the fish’n’chip shop. Put my BG so high it was ridiculous, never happened before, dont know what was different but thats that. I go to Hungry Jacks on the way home, sometimes, for their Aussie burger which is much lower in carbs once you dump the contents into a bowl. For me “other” was Aldi or IGA for a youfoodz, which is my concession to fast food which is healthy.


I tend to think of ‘fast food’ as the subset of ‘take away food’ that rarely actually qualifies as ‘real food’.

That said - rarely a pizza (better made at home) and rarely Indian - noodles on occasion. If there is a really good fish and chip shop nearby that is a treat, but there’s nothing within a thousand kilometres meeting that criteria :wink:


It’s fairly rare that we get take-aways, generally only when travelling if I haven’t had time to prepare something to eat during the trip, as I find the food available at many places to be less than appealing. Never from the junk food chains (It’s my lifetime ambition to never eat at McDonalds), these days there are just a very few places we will sometimes stop at for a sandwich/wrap/fish and chips. They are places where we have been happy with the food, but that’s only a few times per year for me, as I don’t do much travelling.

I must say that I’m happy to see KFC and the house of the evil clown at the bottom of the list. Someone local frequents those 2 places and chucks out large amounts of wrapping from those 2 houses of ill repute all along my road!


Subway is OK as take away food goes but that was not listed as an option.