Take 5/That's Life competition Ts & Cs

Can anyone please help with my interpretation of Terms & Conditions for the competitions in these mags?
I contacted the mags thru the website, but if course have heard nothing back.
My Mum likes to read these mags & do a few puzzles, but she’s not as switched on as she used to be, so hands the mag to me to finish the puzzles, and then put in the entry online.
Before I entered the answers from the May That’s Life Mega Monthly, I noticed, at the bottom of the entrant details:

“(Only one prize will be awarded per person (except for SA residents))”
Because this is a full page-in this instance, 45 puzzles-of answers, I was quite surprised at this statement, as it is really marketed as an ‘enter them all’ type scenario, and in my mind, and Mum’s, you had a chance at winning all of them.

On reading the full Terms & Conditions, I find what to me comes across as somewhat conflicting, or at the least, easily misunderstood.
This is the first point:

and clearly says only one prize will be awarded per person, per puzzle. Again, this reads to me like you have a shot at winning everything.

Then further down, this:

and says only one prize will be awarded per person.

The only way I can interpret this, and was the question I put to them, is:
I win $25 on one puzzle. Then further on, my name is drawn out as a winner of the car. Because I have already won $25, I then cannot have the car.

If that is correct, it kinda sucks, and I wonder how many other people have entered all the puzzles, hoping to win SOMETHING.

What’s your take??


I am no lawyer but that is how I read it. The “one per person” is not qualified so I take it to mean you may have but one win ever in your life.

As for the car, since the total prize pool is $18,000 it wouldn’t be much of a car.


Hahaha the car and cash biggie must be additional. In the May issue, the car is a Mazda SUV valued at $25,471, and there’s another Monster cash draw of $20k.
Well, I guess we’ll only be entering two contests now!!!


This will depend on the terms and conditions relating to a particular draw or magazine. For instance, some Ts&Cs relating to That’s Life state “In all draws, the Promoter will conduct a random draw corresponding to the number of Prizes in the draw, from highest to lowest prize value, beginning with the major prize.” This means that if all entries have a chance of winning the car, if that is the highest value prize.

It has been reported elsewhere that whilst some prizes are awarded in relation to each issue, major prizes such as cars are only awarded once in a number of months. So the odds of winning a worthwhile prize are fairly minimal.


I read this as the draw for the Draw 3 with an individual prize of $6,000 and possibly 3 winners giving a total prize pool of $18,000. The car would possibly be another prize in another draw. As they allow multiple entries for each quiz/pool from an entrant, they limit that entrant to one prize only for that pool eg if their name was drawn 3 times for the same Draw they could only win $6,000 not all 3 prizes in the pool for a total of $18,000.


This is the link to the actual entry page for the May competition, which is current until 17th June.

There are 45 different puzzles, which each have a prize amount attached to them.
If you go to the “Rules” link (in the black section above “your contact details”),
and scroll down for May to

the pdf shows there is only one prize of that particular amount for that puzzle. There is not multiple prizes for any one puzzle. Interestingly, the car or large cash prize is not listed there. The only reference is in the magazine itself, and yes, the valid period for both cash (Megacross) and car is many months.

So that actually compounds the situation-if I won $25 in say, January, then can I not win the car when it’s eventually drawn in July?

It all comes across as very messy and misleading to me…


For this issue, there’s no mention of draws from highest to lowest amounts:

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Take 5. I used to get both magazines about 5 years ago but only get Take 5 now. It became too expensive. When we posted our entries in the mail, I did win a small prize now and again, however ever since it has gone digital, from memory about 5/6 years ago I have not won anything. I must not be a lucky person.