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Takata airbags recall replacements and buying affected used vehicles


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Honda Integra 2006 is not listed
Does that mean it is safe ?


Although it is not listed on the recall, I recommend you go to Honda’s VIN checker for surety.


Thank you TheBBG for your email and advice
Goood News for me !!!
"There are currently no outstanding recalls for your vehicle."


Toyota contacted us earlier this year (no date on letter) saying that our front passenger air bag had to be replaced and that they anticipated having the parts available in the 4th quarter of 2017. Last week I rang our local Toyota dealer (listed on the Toyota HQ letter) to get our 7 year old car prioritised on their recall list. They said they had not received any notification from Toyota yet and that anyway Toyota was prioritising 8+ year old cars from 2010 backwards. I pointed out that my car was 2010. He just said he couldn’t do anything until Toyota sent them the parts. We don’t have the option of not using our car. Friends with other makes of car have already had their airbags replaced. Is there any reason why Toyota is s behind with replacing the airbags?


Seek compensation for the inability to use your car whilst waiting for the airbag. Send the “Demand for Payment” or immediate repair to both the Australian and International HQ of Toyota. The risks are so well known they have little or no chance of a successful defence in court. If you have a solicitor having them do the request would only speed up Toyota’s response. If they fail to respond in a reasonable time take them to “small claims” arbitration.


Hi @val2, there’s been such a big shortage of replacement parts across makes, models and manufacturers, so no doubt the delay with your Toyota is tangled up in the problem. You’ve already received some great advice from @grahroll, and I’ll second going back to Toyota HQ and trying to speed up the process through them. Please let us know how it goes - hopefully you can get it replaced soon.


Hi Grahroll and Brendan
Thanks for the good advice. I will get on to it!


How different are our domestic suppliers as compared to Honda in the US.


I have finally had my 7 year old Takata airbag replaced, however, when I questioned the service person he said that the new bag was a Takata bag. I asked him to print this on the bill so that I could get it changed free of charge again in three years. He said that he knew nothing about this and could not alter how the receipt came out of the computer. I wrote the information on the receipt myself. How do i now ensure that Toyota replace the bag for me again in three years?


The service department should be aware and the person should have been happy to manually add the details of the airbag used as a replacement and initial or sign it. I would follow that up with the service manager, and if you were dealing with the service manager than the MD of the dealership and then Toyota Australia. I have also not seen an invoice system in any repair facility that did not have a free form text place for ‘recommended further work’ so the claim he could not have included it on the printout is sus, but with the quality of systems I could believe it may have been the case where there was a standard recall service that could not have anything added (breath takingly bad form if that was the case).

As most are aware we here in Australia have a limp recall compared to that in the USA, but you would be best served to get the detail of what the replacement part used was from the dealer or escalating it as high as necessary including and the ACCC of course, keeping Choice informed for them to be aware of how genuine the recall is being conducted and to publicise it accordingly.

A good overview is at


thanks BBG. I’ll go back and try and be more assertive!



The Australian consumers that are effected seem to have nothing will happen to me attitude.This situation about the bags has been known about for a very long time


Some more info on the now mandatory recall:


This is the beginning of a long saga over many years as my airbags (and many others) have been replaced with another Takata airbag (due to the lack of any others currently), which will again need to be replaced within the next three years. At least I feel a little safer for a while now, but as cars are sold and resold, how many owners will know that there is still a problem?


Nor have some of us been able to get them repaired in a timely manner. For us the delay was not of our making but was the business’s. I am sure many have been delayed being told that parts were unavailable, it will be ok for a while longer and other such excuses to defend the delays. It took us about 3 years which included us constantly enquiring before we got our’s replaced. Even now with the mandatory recall they are giving until the year 2020 before they expect all replacements will be done here.


Choice is to be commended for this great outcome. The management and staff at Choice have worked diligently and tirelessly over a long period of time.
Choice have made numerous representations to the Government and finally, thankfully, the Government have listened and decided to act decisively on this very important safety issue.
Well done Choice. :joy:


Car makers forced to reveal makes and models affected in airbag recall:


It would be interesting to rank the manufacturers on a scale of 1 (recalcitrant, late, only when forced, etc) to 10 (responsible, early, open, willing, etc) …