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Suspended Doctor Un-suspended by WASAT

It is rare to read about action being taken against bad practitioners, but when it happens the system is on their side, public be damned. Getting the whole story requires reading the article, especially the last paragraphs about what he can legally do now, but the saga is essentially that

The Board … took away his license. However, Justice Paul Allan Tottle of the WA State Administrative Tribunal ruled that: “Suspending Dr Soutorine’s registration is a draconian step and I accept that it has the capacity to cause severe financial hardship to him.”

Financial hardship certainly makes being a bad doctor OK then, just in a lesser degree, right?


And in the Justice’s eyes hardship for the surgeon that cut corners, either deliberately or through not knowing, trumps hardship of any past or future patients that have unnecessary serious complications.


Money rules, good ethics be damned.