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Support Our Pork Farmers


Whilst shopping at our local Supa IGA yesterday, I noticed A4 signs on the milk fridge doors advising that Lion’s owned Dairy Farmers was also participating in the milk surcharge to help the struggling dairy farmers, which I believe is a great scheme.

However, when I was at the checkout, there were A4 flyers promoting the super weekend special for pork loin roasts for just $6.99/kg.

I said to the operator that I could not understand how they could sell them so cheaply and he agreed with my comment regarding the poor struggling farmers.

Perhaps the supermarkets and/or wholesalers could introduce a levy of 5% or 10% to assist the pork producers who are currently being forced to sell their products below cost.

In the case of Coles and Woollies, perhaps they could contribute some, or all, of any such levy out of their high pork prices, like $6/kg for pork skin, with no meat, for crackling.

If we fail to support our farmers, who is going to provide our food? China, where the residents don’t want to consume their own food but want ours instead?


I always look for Australian produce when shopping. Would prefer to pay more for my pork if it is from Australian farmers. I use my local butcher rather than big supermarkets. Also go to farmers markets where I can pick up local produce.


I’m not particularly fussed about pig farmers after reading this article in CHOICE some time back:

I’ve found it difficult to source free range pig products. I still eat pig related products occasionally, but I can do without it …


I used to source free range using a rifle. While not every pig was deemed edible due to various health concerns of the beasts the outcome served at least one important purpose…the reduction in the feral herd.

But the point is well taken that the marketing of what is termed free range still needs some ethical standards applied to the designation of free range so that consumers actually get something that does live a reasonable free range life before appearing on/in a plate/sandwich/bun/bowl.