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Supply chain risks

The current pandemic has exposed the fragility of Australia’s supply chain. This is not a new development. We’ve actually discussed it indirectly.


Madness. They want to set up a fuel reserve over there and think that Trump won’t raid it? Are they completely stupid?


Probably safest to stockpile it ourselves.



No comment! :upside_down_face:

As the trucker said, the fuel will not be available as and when we need it. On the face of it, the behaviour is monumentally idiotic.

Safest, yes. Until 2012, we did maintain a 90-day onshore fuel reserve. Now, we no longer have the necessary storage.

This is old and the disruption is economic, not pandemic, but does show some of the risks. Our economy has been made ever-more fragile in the pursuit of cheapness. Can we afford to carry on in that direction? What can we do to make both our economy and our society more robust? No, I’m not suggesting that we hoard gold.

An apocalyptic vision that popped up in my Google search results:

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A piece from tonight’s ABC 7.30. The risks are largely supply-chain related.

Not quite sure this belongs here, but why not? The possibility of bringing service supply back on-shore is mentioned.


Focused on the UK, but interesting insights into the little (and not-so-little) things that a nation needs to be able to do.

And one from a couple of days ago that focuses on Ausralia: