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Supervision Of Baby Formula Sales Needed


Yet another article regarding the problems caused by persons profiting through reselling Australian made baby formula.

Whilst there has been talk of supermarkets placing a limit of x tins per customer, things appear to be getting worse.

Perhaps both pharmacies and supermarkets need to make it a behind the counter product as well as placing a limit on how many tins can be purchased in one transaction.

Of course, that would mean that Coles would actually have to have at least one employee at the “service” counter at all times as opposed to their current practice of expecting the person staffing the adjoining 12 items or less register to also attend to tobacco purchases, refunds, queries, and to sign-in visitors.


Another article regarding Chinese shoppers in Australia.

I loved the part regarding selling 800 kg of cherries in 5 hours for $70 a box but only making $10 per box.

By my calculations, that is $4,000 for 5 hours work. Nice money if you can get it, especially if it is all tax-free.


We have good Chinese friends (and are Australian citizens) who were abused by fellow shoppers for buying some baby formula for their own child at a supermarket west of Brisbane. The abuse is unfounded and in effect could be seen as racist as they have every right like every other Australian to buy products at the supermarkets.

There are many in the community that buy things in bulk when heavily discounted/clearance (like our family and often buy what is left on shelves), or those who are preppers who also buy large amounts of long fife products to store. Why aren’t these other customers treated the same as those outlined in these news articles (news articles which I believe add to rising problem of nationalism in Australia)?

The abuse and negative media reporting has no place in Australia.

And I personally think that the ABC article inferring daigou purchasing cherries is potentially a nonsense as fruit are prohibited for import to China unless they have the correct import documentation. Such documentation is something that I expect the average daigou would not be able to obtain. Yes, may producers/wholesalers export to China, using Chinese intermediaries, as they receive a significant premium to that likely to be paid by the customer in Australia (in Australia consumers are driven principally by price, where in China quality often drives consumer decisions).


As if it is not bad enough when Aussie parents have problems in buying baby formula, now we have crimminal gangs simply stealing it.



It’s just market forces at work - isn’t our system better than communism in China? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Either way it won’t be an issue for long, take a deep breath because they want our air now …