Supermarket technologies

I have an uneasy feeling about this:
Supermarkets seem to be struggling with existing technologies. Introducing more is just asking for trouble.

At both Woolworths and Coles (in Cessnock), there seems to be enough difference between the scales on the till and those in the bagging area that the system doesn’t recognise what’s put in the bagging area as what has just been removed from the till. This is particularly true with fruit and veg’s, but I recently had a self-checkout accuse me of putting four “own bags” in the bagging area, when I’d put nothing there at all.


A suggestion from an acquaintance:

Yet another one to watch out for.

That has been done, in a way. A neighbour now retired had a company that changed shelf prices (LED displayed pricing) via receivers controlled by the overhead lighting. The original customers were said to be bottle shops.
AM - low prices - not much traffic, get them in
Lunch - moderate prices
Afternoon - low prices, a bottle for the evening. competition all around.
Last hour before close - very high prices. Where else do you go when everything isclosing?

The original incarnation required a constant % change across the shop, but evolved so each product could be independently priced.


Technology has bitten Coles this afternoon.

ABC News on Twitter released late this afternoon a news item about a nationwide IT issue affecting Coles Stores:


Some of the comments in the above twitter feeds made me smile


Also relevant is the topic ‘Apparitions of a cashless society’. When it breaks it can be pretty special.


I wonder if the Choice Community IT team are moonlighting?

Maybe a ploy to push customers to online shopping?

Either way, not a good looks for a major Aussie company.

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As I posted in another topic the other day.

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LOL I wonder how the IT team at CHOICE will respond to that comment…might not be repeatable in polite company :smile:


As the registers also update stock levels for the automated ordering system (a newer one not long in operation) click clack isn’t the only problem. Maybe it is even the new ordering system having it’s first canipshen.


Not to worry. Coles Express and Coles Liquor are not effected. So that should cover most of the basics. :grinning:


At double the price :smile: Hmm maybe they decided this was a way to make their Express and Liquor businesses have better trade for a day or two.

Latest email to me regarding the issue from Coles:


Today we experienced a technical issue with our point of sale system in Coles supermarkets nationally. We were briefly unable to process transactions, which we know would have been frustrating for customers shopping in our stores. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

As a thank you for the patience shown to our team members while they worked hard to get us back up and running, this weekend all shoppers in Coles supermarkets and Liquorland stores will receive triple Flybuys points on their food, groceries or liquor purchases.

And to help customers who were unable to complete their shopping in-store, we’re offering free home delivery on our online shopping orders of $50 or more until Sunday 18 October. You can shop online with Coles here (link removed as was personalised)

We value everyone that shops with us and thank you for bearing with us as we get back up on our feet.

Kind Regards,
The Coles Team"

The use of briefly unable is a bit of a long stretch on what I would think was briefly and the actual time it took to rectify, their briefly is a bit of puffery in my opinion :slight_smile:

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