Supermarket price increase re 10c refund

My grandkids are planning on collecting bottles to claim the 10c refund, now that the system is up & running here in Victoria. Was therefore bemused to notice that Woolworths have increased the price of home-brand soda water (1.25l) from $0.80c per unit to $1.20 per unit, A 50% MARKUP in one week. Goodluck grandkids !!!


Wow, that’s a big increase!

Hi @alan49, welcome to the community.

The increase in soda water price won’t be a result of the container deposit system which has recently been implemented.

Deposit collection occurs many months before the program commences (as a result, price impact by the container deposit scheme occurs many months before it commences). This is done to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover the liabilities of establishing the program and sites, as well as deposits issued on commencement. It also covers containers purchases in the days/months leading up to commencement.

It is also worth noting that the impact on retail prices is greater than 10c as the operational costs of the program are also paid by consumers. Generally operational costs are 3c or more per containers.

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