Supermarket Magazines

The quarterly magazines that Coles and Woollies had free for shoppers used to be quite small and never had very much in the way of useful information.

I just looked at the latest Coles now monthly magazine comprising some 196 pages and it is filled with numerous delicious looking recipies and far less ads than the old ones.

It impressed me more than magazines such as Gourmet Traveller and the like where you do not find anything other than ads for the first 20 or so pages, and best of all its free.


I’ve tried a number of very good recipes from both magazines. The magazines are also available online if you can’t get to either Coles or Woolies.



And to save paper, here are the links…


I go online more often than not because i usually only want a few of the recipes and then have to recycle the rest of the magazine which is a huge waste of paper.


Great tip. I was not aware of that.


I’ve always found them to be quite useful and not that small, though the last couple do seem a bit larger. They come out monthly by the way, Fred.

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I just finished perusing the June edition of the Coles magazine which is again 196 pages.

It is jam packed with a multitude of delicious sounding recipies.

Well worth having a look at.

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I just finished perusing the free Coles MasterChef special issue of some 200 pages.

The photos of the meals look delicious enough to simply eat the pages out of the magazine

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These are monthly magazines and often have some quite interesting recipes etc. They are very popular as evidenced by the fact they often run out quite quickly. Luckily they are also available online.

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