Super Foods Scam

Recent research suggests that so called super foods are no more special than fresh apples, oranges and the usual fruit and vegetables.

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The word “superfoods” has become just as meaningless as the word “detox”.


Yes. Eat healthy and drink water - you a detoxed.

All fresh food is a superfood…can have high levels of essential minerals, vitamins and proteins.

It is a marketing term used to create sensationalistic expectations of new food products on the market.


Taking advantage of the ignorant


It must mean my apples, oranges, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, broccoli etc are super, super foods. Left to ripen on the bush/tree and eaten immediately with a flavour and juice that cannot be obtained with bought ones.

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There is no such thing as a “superfood”. All food comprises carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen (and other mineral components etc.). The “super” in “superfood” is just marketing hyperbole for the ill-informed, ignorant (and perhaps, stupid), and hype-orientated consumer.

While many superfoods have been over-hyped that’s not the same as claiming they have no benefits or that all foods are the same:

However many cheap foods fall into the healthy category… but few people eat them?

So making people aware of their health benefits is not a bad thing?


Yes - some people claim food is too expensive and it is cheaper to go to McDonald’s. Absolute nonsense. Chicken pieces are very cheap. Less than $3 a kilogram. Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and greens and very cheap. In fact growing a some spinach, cabbage, broccoli or silver beet at home is very cost effective and extremely nutritious given that you can pick it fresh from the garden as you need it.
My wife cooks good meals every evening from casseroles, roasts, lasagne (to die for) and usually for around $4 to $5 a meal.
We also get to enjoy the odd steak, lamb chops, always with large helpings of brussel sprouts, broccoli, peas, carrot potatoes.


More like survival of the smartest.


We have a small garden where we grow our super food. Kale silverbeet, courgettes tomatoes etc. Even in a unit you can grow these in pots.


Indeed, home grown is way more super than anything from the “supermarket”! This trout and salad meal was entirely home grown in my aquaponics system.