Sunscreen recalls

Sunscreens being recalled as several contain Benzene which can cause serious health issues. Two of these are Cancer Council products!
How can this happen??


Hi @diannemanningdunlop, thanks for drawing the recall to the communities attention. For those who would like more information, see

The TGA advise that other products may be added to the recall in the next few weeks as the TGA investigations continue.

The recall is because a one batch of raw ingredient, used in sunscreen formulations made by a number of companies/brands, contained elevated levels of benzenes compounds. TGA is working with affected companies to confirm if benzene is present in their medicines and if it is, how much is there. It appears the recall is precautionary as potential contamination or risks of contamination in potentially affect sunscreens is currently unknown. The TGA indicates the sunscreens are being recalled to ensure consumer safety.

The Cancer Council would outsource the manufacture of their branded sunscreens. Unfortunately the raw ingredient identified through the recall may have been used for their products, and hence subject of the recall.