Sunline Float 11 fishing line by Siglon


I have been using Alvey Side Cast reels for more years than I care to remember . One question I am often asked is “what is the best line for them ?”

I tried a few brands over the years including Maxima , Daiwa and Ande . They all performed ok but I felt they were too stiff and springy and inclined to " birds nest " during casts .

About 8 years ago , on a friends advice , I tried the Sunline Float 11 line . From the start I was impressed with its suppleness and and abrasion resistance qualities . It is not cheap but it is well worth the money if you are an Alvey user . It is manufactured in Japan by Siglon,

Another line I really like for the Alveys is Asso Float line . It is an Italian product that is rather hard to find in the shops these days but online searches can usually find it . It is up there with the Sunline but unless on sale can be quite pricey .

There are a lot of brands of lines out there . I will definitely be spooling one of my Alveys with the locally manufactured Platypus Lo - Stretch line . When I do I will let you know the pros and cons of it .I am impressed with it on my spinning reels .


We have always used Daiwa and agree that with a Alvey reel they tend to birds nest from time to time (possibly fault of the reel, operator and line). Even with an eggbeater, they will have the occasional birds nest, but less frequent and also smaller (easier to untangle quickly).

Will be interested to see how the Platypus Lo - Stretch line goes.