Sunblock price structure

I have been using Coles Face SPF 30 100mls sunscreen for only $6.00 as recommended by a Choice critique. I need to purchase more and have found a huge dilemma. The new Facial SP 50+ is just 50ml for $6.00 furthermore I noticed that Ultra Sunscreen 50+ 100ml for general body use is just &3.00. Is Coles undermining and compromising customers for using a product to avoid a potentially dangerous and lethal disease?


Coles is a business and makes decisions based on P/L far more often than public good.

The answer lies partly in that as you write, the product has changed from SPF30 to SPF50+ and without further information, the formulation (stickiness, feel, adhesion, and so on) of ‘Facial’ versus general body versions could well differ. They could also be essentially the same or have inconsequential differences to justify the pricing.

Products also evolve, especially house brands, so there is no guarantee today’s product is the same formulation as the one Choice tested months ago. Maybe and maybe not.

Finally in retail comparing the prices of Coles brand versus the brand name products next to it on the shelf matter. To answer your question, my vote is no.


No, but they have changed the product which is now not as pleasant to use as the old one.

We were regular users of the Coles Face Sunscreen SPF 30+, after reading the review by Choice. The former SPF 30+ was not overly oily and didn’t feel heavy on the skin. It also rubbed into the skin very easily. The only downside of the product is if one got it close to ones eyes or was sweaty, there was chance that the sunscreen would enter ones eyes which gave some discomfort.

The ‘new’ SPF 50+ Coles face sunscreen is a very different product. It leaves the skin very oily after use, more difficult to run in, leaves a obvious shine on the skin after use and appears from initial thoughts, just a smaller packet size of a cheap oily sunscreen relabelled as for face. We have tried it once, and now won’t be repurchasing as it is quite disappointing compared to the old SPF 30+.

The other negative is that it is now twice the price as you have highlighted (from $6 for 100mL of SPF 30+ to $6 for 50mL of SPF 50+).

If one is after saving money and wants a product similar to the new Coles SPF 50+, I would just buy the 1L containers of pump pack sunscreen as it will do the same job and possibly have the same on skin feeling.

We also purchase the Woolworths one for general use and it doesn’t feel any different to the new Coles SPF 50+ (which is why we have made the above conclusions), except the price is about 13 times cheaper.


I agree with everything you’ve said. I will be looking at different brands now and hopefully find a good product. It amazes me though, how these Companies manage to take advantage, manipulate and adulterate these products necessary for our wellbeing!


We are trying different ones too and Choice information about face sunscreens is still on their website if you don’t have the paper copy…

We are currently trialling this one and appears okay. Not as luxurious as the old Coles one, but significantly better than standard sunscreen.

Over Christmas Big W had 50% of Olay products so we could buy a two pack for just a little more than the old Coles one, but less than the new Coles one (based on unit prices). The only downside is this one isn’t Australian made.


Just $2.00 this week at Aldi for 75ml. Only SPF 15 and slightly greasier than Coles.

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