Sun-Powered Auto Gates - Beware

I took advantage of a special “Murrumbateman Field Day” offer and purchased an auto-gate for our rural property. This was installed by Yass Farm Services (YFS) in Dec 2014, who act as a dealer for Sun-Powered Auto Gates (S-PAG), at a cost of $2,188. The supplied keypads have now failed on 3 occasions. One replacement occurred under warranty. When I took the faulty keypads to S-PAG in Fyshwick ACT, on 17/05/2017 an employee indicated that they have problems with these keypads (of which they are importers) and are attempting to have their supplier lift quality. Clearly, the keypads are not of “acceptable quality” or even “fit for purpose” as they do not operate in low winter temperatures. Despite their admission of “unacceptable quality” S-PAG would not replace as the 12-month warranty had expired. Furthermore, the owner of the business refused to discuss the matter with me. I took up the issue with the “dealer”/installer (YFS) who said I should post the keypads to him and if proven faulty he would send replacements. Replacing “like for like” was obviously unacceptable so I counter offered to pay the cost of Italian-made DEA keypads, less the cost of existing keypads (but including labour cost to install). This was unacceptable to YFS who referred me to their solicitor! So, beware of this supplier and the installer who do not support their products and in my case, exhibited the worst customer experience I have ever had. I have since lodged complaints with ACCC and NSW Dept of Consumer Affairs.


Thanks for sharing your experience @arboreal_2014, it sounds totally unacceptable and I’m glad you followed through with the complaint.

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