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Sumo Power raises electricity rates by 57%


In a sumo-sized, price hike energy retailer Sumo smashes customers with a massive increase that raises the question - Is this a bait and switch?

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It seems disgusting to me to first offer some lower " introductory" rate and then somewhat quickly pour the pain on with such a huge rise. One would hope that regulators would stamp on this but given ACCC, ASIC etc etc etc poor performance to date in a whole lot of areas one would be somewhat surprised at the same time if they did something sufficient.


I had a narrow escape with them last year. During the period where there was a $50 Victorian government rebate, they were the cheapest.

I didn’t go with them because I really didn’t like their call centre people.


shows $0.00 exit fees. If hit with that increase the next step should be obvious.