Study Finds Afternoon Naps Are Good For Oldies

A study has found thet older persons who have an afternoon nap have better cognitive ability.

Now I know why I do have a lie down most days.


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this isn’t really NEW news.

napping / resting in the afternoon has had a good research press for a LONG time! Esp. for us older folks

I am 70 and usually switch off with a book in the afternoon, and often nod off. Or wait for the first yawn.

I also have eleven veggie-beds, Two of which are sort of in fallow, and a third has just been brought back into production via worm castings tea, plus 6 or more Lettuce seedlings. ?

It’s still raining so I haven’t been out to count them.

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I would die without my afternoon nap. Although recently it became a morning nap, but no matter, as long as it refreshes, I dont care when it is. :slight_smile:

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