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Strange attitude from national blinds & awnings company

Last Saturday I filled in an online form to arrange a free quote from Australian Outdoor Living for external blinds. On the Sunday the phone calls began! But the number they left after each call was their after hours contact & only accepted recorded messages. Bad start. The calls stopped & I expected I would speak to a human on the Monday. As expected, the call centre person duly called, took some details & asked a few questions. How many blinds would I need? I answered that I didn’t know & was expecting the measure & quote to provide me with that info. Next, she needed my partner’s name. I asked why & was told that they had to have both of us in attendance at the quote. I said that may not be possible, to which I was told that Aust.Outdoor Living was not the company for me! Well that was the end of a beautiful relationship, NOT!


Welcome to the community, @Andrele.

What an experience. Something my partner has also experienced, although she would need to relate it to regional Queensland in the last century, or a bank refusing a loan in the 1970’s.

When looking for a business a little research can go a long way. Word of mouth from friends based on their first hand experiences is not always possible. Online web sites such as Product Review can be searched by business.

It’s important to look at the proportion of low star reviews, read what the concerns were, and any business responses.

Australian Outdoor Living has a large number of reviews. There are numerous one star reviews concerning customer service. A short read gives the impression their business success is built on supplying and installing artificial turf.


A wise decision. Businesses that require partners to be present for a ‘no obligation quote’ can be relied on for high pressure sales tactics and oft times faux discounts supposedly only available for the day. Thanks for highlighting your experience.