Stinky Jeans from Target

Maybe a reminder from Choice could be handy please?


This is possibly the one recalled…

There were a significant number of garments/fabrics at the time which were subject of a recall. These included jeans.

A small number of azo dyes pose an issue and they are addressed here…

Azo dyes have a distinctive aromatic amine chemical smell - which to the human nose has an unpleasant fishy type smell. I understand a bit like fish oil which was used in the past as a form of rust proofing treatment for cars. The smell is very different to a mothball type smell.

Offering a refund takes full responsibility for their products. Unless there was damage/injury as a result of the use of a product, there is not much more they will offer.

Possibly not as it is taken as a given. If it wasn’t, you can imagine that most fruit and veges would need to have labels about washing before eating.

I don’t think consumers want to progress down the path that every potential or conceivable risk associated with the use of product is included on a label. If this occurs, one’s trolley/shopping bags would be filled with product literature rather than the product itself.