Stick vacuum powerhead not suitable for loop pile carpet

Dyson V15 Detect powerhead for carpets is not suitable for loop pile carpets according to carpet laying company. Only soft bristles should be used with power head. The power head has one row of stiff bristles and one of soft bristles. Dyson does not mention this problem in literature. what recourse does one have?

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It appears the recommendation comes from the loop pile carpet business and not Dyson. They would know the limitations of the carpet. If you bought the carpet and asked “can I use a Dyson V15 on the carpet?” and the response was “yes”, and you bought the carpet on this basis only to find out later it wasn’t the case, then you have potential to ask for resolution from the carpet business.

If you didn’t ask, you have no recourse.

If you bought the Dyson specifically to clean the loop pile carpet and marketing material stated it can be used on ‘all’ loop pile carpet…which isn’t the case, then it could be argued the Dyson literature was misleading and the vacuum isn’t fit for purpose. As it appears you had the Dyson before the carpet was installed (as you asked the installer specifically about the vacuum and have one) and the literature is silent, you have no recourse with Dyson either.

If you are no longer happy that you can’t use the Dyson V15 because it can’t be used on your new loop pile carpet, this would fall into what is known as ‘change of mind’.


Legally your opinion might be correct, but who would ask the question “can I use a Dyson stick vacuum on a particular carpet?” The assumption the majority of people would make is that a vacuum cleaner does what it is intended for, which is to safely clean carpets.

I am surprised that Choice recommended the DysonV12 which I believe has the same type of bristles on it’s powerhead and didn’t write as a con (against) that it only worked on cut pile carpet.

Having fairly thick wool carpeting I came to understand there is a tradeoff between the stiffness of bristles and how well a powerhead cleans (they shake the piles to loosen dirt), and the wear on the carpet by doing so.

My Hoover powerhead has very stiff bristles. It was Choice recommended. The salesman just advised not to use the high pile setting regularly so we set it to low or medium pile and have not had any worries. It does take fluff off the carpet depending on low-medium-high pile setting but that is something for the user to manage not a product defect.

I have read over time a few reports of consumers with very stiff bristle powerheads who seemed oblivious to good practice in their complaints, who left the heads running in place, and the heads made a trench in the carpet. Is that a product defect or a user error?

Looking at your product on the Dyson web site, it states ‘In Auto mode, Dyson DLS™ technology inside the Digital Motorbar™ monitors brush bar resistance 360 times a second, intelligently adapting power across different floor types’.

To me that reinforces the powerhead is designed to avoid excessive force on the piles. How effective it is I do not know.

I suggest you consider how much fluff comes off your carpet as the best indicator. A carpet layer generally has experience and opinions, and sometimes but not always expertise. Would your Dyson be the best vac for your carpet? Maybe or maybe not, but it probably is far from the worst.

After a decade on our wool carpets with what seems like lots of fluff coming up each time there is no noticeable visual degradation.

Vacs work on any kind of carpet, but some are more gentle than others, and the more gentle suggests the less well they clean as they do not vibrate the piles as much as a stiff bristle head, although that is not a litmus test on cleaning capability in itself.

Choice might consider reinforcing that in the buying guide.


As I indicated above, it was the installer of the loop pile carpet that recommended against the Dyson V15 use - not Dyson nor Choice. It is unreasonable for Choice/every manufacturer to contact every carpet supplier to seek their recommendations for every carpet that they manufacturer, sell and install in Australia. This is what you are expecting them to do for every vacuum they test/sell.

One should be asking the installer/manufacturer of the carpet why they make such a recommendation, when one would expect any domestic vacuum cleaner to be suitable for any carpet installed in Australia.

If one bought the vacuum immediately before the carpet was installed specially for use on the pile loop carpet, check the change of mind policy of the retailer the vacuum was purchased to see if it can be returned. If the retailer has a change in mind policy, check the conditions as they often nominate products returned unused in unopened original packaging.


I have taken your advice and asked the manufacturer. His advice was not to use a stick vacuum and to use a vacuum cleaner that has good suction but not brushes as they will damage the loops in the carpet.