Stick vac reviews

Want to find the best stick vacuum cleaner? Our review test popular models on hard floors and carpets, plus we look at noise, ease of use and plenty more. It’s all here in our stick vac review (member content).

If you want to know more, our stick vacuum buying guide has all the basic info you need to help with your purchase.

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Hey Brendan

This is an example of where it would be good to be able to sort on other criteria (as discussed elsewhere). In this case motor size (watts), battery voltage, and battery style (are they standard readily available batteries, or proprietary ones that cost more than a new vacuum to replace after they don’t hold charge any longer).


Batteries are not always user-replaceable without significant handy and soldering skills that would void any warranty. Not much about that aspect. While (eg) motor voltage could be a prurient interest secondary to suction and cleaning, it is an item noted in the buying guide and battery type has more relevancy than just charging and run times such as memory effects; there are things noted as relevant in the buying guide but that are not in the review filters.

As editorial process an editor should have a read through any related buying guide and make sure all the key bullets are reflected in the filter options.


Our stick vacuum review has been updated (member content).


Stick vac review is now updated (member content):


Not much difference rating wise between the recommended units but WOW!!! there is a huge disparity between prices for almost similar performance. The running times on some of the units are scarily low as well, eg 6 minutes??? some double that, spare batteries needed? I would think so for our house.

Is it worth indicating how much an extra battery would cost in the reviews, for the ones where you can even swap the batteries out. Also if they come standard with a spare can this be searched on? If not it is it a lot of work adding that to the criteria to search on?

Worth becoming a CHOICE member to see the ratings and the savings on price could fund several years of full CHOICE membership (and I don’t mean just 2 or 3 years of membership).


I have recently winged about dust in my house.
I bought an Ivac Ultralight plus.
It is really good. Has three filters. 20 minutes run time. So easy .no cords.
I have lino floor in my 3 bedroom home . Takes me 10 minutes every day to run my stick vacuum. Round the house.
Big shout out to Godfreys. I said to the manager I don’t drive. He delivered it for me, on his way home from work. Legend. As far as stick vacs go. It was pretty cheap. Love it.


Thanks for the good news story.

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Yep. All good.


Can the new Vorwerk Kobold VK200 be reviewed and added to the stick vacuum comparison?

welcome to the Community @loun,

The near term testing program is shown on this page

Products selected are most often based on market share/popularity, with an occasional exemplar or cameo added. Virtually all products are purchased retail so products tested are constrained by budgets.

Any time Choice borrows a product (or acquired it to test in any way except retail purchase) it is made transparent. Those may be new products featured in cameo reviews, or sometimes very expensive ones, as examples.

Noting the price point of the VK200 is $2,0000 (internet search result) as compared to the preponderance of products on market that are well under $1,000, it might be a difficult inclusion… The Vorwork Kobold VR200 Robotic Vac was included in that review, so seeing the VK200 reviewed could happen.

Choice staff monitor this 'Request a Test topic, and in addition there is a ‘request a test’ request on the page I linked above.


welcome to the forum. I have moved your post to an existing thread on stick vac reviews.

Please use the link that @PhilT provided to request a product be tested.

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