Experiencing a very frustrating situation with Stayz. Early last week after looking into a holiday rental for a family group over December/January we booked a coastal rental property. $14000 for 3 weeks. Dates were available and booking was accepted and then 15 minutes later an email arrived from the owner saying sorry I forgot to block out the dates and the home is not available on your dates so booking is cancelled. I have been chasing my refund ever since. Today on a call to Stayz we were told it might be a further two weeks to process. They had previously said on a phone call and email that the transaction was processed. I am considering asking my bank to do a charge back and thinking of other options. So much money and I’m not able to book anything else until I get a refund as I don’t have the spare money.
I guess I wanted to warn anyone using Stayz to send a message to the property owner to check dates before paying.


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