Experiencing a very frustrating situation with Stayz. Early last week after looking into a holiday rental for a family group over December/January we booked a coastal rental property. $14000 for 3 weeks. Dates were available and booking was accepted and then 15 minutes later an email arrived from the owner saying sorry I forgot to block out the dates and the home is not available on your dates so booking is cancelled. I have been chasing my refund ever since. Today on a call to Stayz we were told it might be a further two weeks to process. They had previously said on a phone call and email that the transaction was processed. I am considering asking my bank to do a charge back and thinking of other options. So much money and I’m not able to book anything else until I get a refund as I don’t have the spare money.
I guess I wanted to warn anyone using Stayz to send a message to the property owner to check dates before paying.


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In your place I would go the step further to recommend avoiding Stayz. Any time a booking site gets involved there is always a danger (wildly variable) that the host may not deliver, from your ‘oops’ to ‘sorry all booked out at arrival, we can send you down the road (or worse)’ since even chains have been known to overbook or have guests refusing to check out on schedule.

The crux is that Stayz should have been able to and refunded your money in a small number of days, not weeks. That to me is an unforgivable failure.


I agree with @PhilT, you should have received a refund by now. For that sort of money, given you haven’t received a refund yet when you should have, I would be going to the bank tomorrow morning and ask for an immediate chargeback. Take your confirmed booking email, and the email from the host cancelling the booking, as well as any correspondence you may have relating to the getting refund from Stayz.


Yes they should have. While not having dealt with Stayz, some and depending on the prepayment method, hold onto monies paid until accommodation booking is fulfilled. The accommodation owner usually claims room rates against the booking company. Deposits may be paid on booking however.

This is done for two reasons, the first being the booking company gets its compensation/commission earlier (not having to invoice the accommodation owner) and for cancellations. If the owner has been paid on booking, it could be difficult to get any refunds under the accommodation cancellation policy.

Disclosure…in the accommodation sector in Tassie and am familiar with how online booking platforms work…but not specifically Stayz, which is unlikely to be different with the rest of the industry.