Stay Smart Online Advice.Foreign Hacking. 19.06.2020

The latest advice from Stay Smart Online regarding hacking of Australian Government and private websites.


It doesn’t help that much of the problem is preventable.

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Its a bit of a moot point. There are always attacks going on. That latest is no different than any other. However, what is different this time is that theres a looming election for Eden-Monaro, and a whole lot of rorts that our lovely government does not want people to be looking at. “Look over there, danger danger”…

True. This is always a problem, so many secrets, so many lies. When the people who identify these threats are under no compulsion to report the whole truth it is hard to know what is going on. Maybe there are more attacks this week - maybe not.

Any organisation subject to attack is tempted to cover their arse by denying it if they feel scrutiny will make them look bad. But it may be politically suitable to reveal a new enemy or a new effort by an old one. So many secrets, so many lies.