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Squeeze tubes designed not to empty!

The attached photo shows a Loreal after shave balm tube which doesn’t allow all of it’s (expensive) contents to be squeezed out! Most users wouldn’t realise that the tube wasn’t empty and do what I’ve done – pulled the top off and used brute force to get all of the contents out. By doing this I got at least another five applications out and it seems to me that this tube has been designed to look good, but not be very functional!

In addition, the amount of plastic used for the tube is excessive and while it might make the product look good, it has a very high environmental impact. And that’s not including the box it comes in! Has anyone else had a similar experience with other liquid products?

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Hi @Chris_H, welcome to the community.

This seems to be a common problem with plastic tubes. It is often hard to bend the plastic back on itself to squeeze the contents towards the dispensing hole, as well as get the last bit out from behind the end piece near the dispensing hole. We struggle with our plastic tubes, such as toothpaste to get the last bit out before someone in the household throws it out (with some contents left behind).

The internet is amazing, as they say if there is a common problem, someone may have developed something to overcome the problem, like this one:

There are also similar other ones available online if one searches ‘tube squeeze tool’.

One shouldn’t have to go through the expense of buying an additional tool, but it may be financially cost effective for those tubes where contents are prized and have value, and where the tubes won’t easily play ball when squeezing.


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