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Square scam


I received an email purporting to be from the Australian office of Square who are a multi-national payment processing company claiming to have deposited $1,287.59 into my CBA account ending in 196”?” The “?” looks like a smudge on the screen but when the cursor is moved over it, an arrow appears.
I have never seen this before and it is in addition to 5 hot links. The email sender claims to be “” vtx is a technology company based in Switzerland.
I provided my standard reply for scam emails involving a subtle suggestion as to what the scammer can go and do but, as in most cases, it was undeliverable.
I have forwarded it to Square for their investigation.
Watch out for this or similar scams claiming money has been deposited into an account.


Thank you for the warning and hopefully Square will be able to take action.

But just as a warning, you should not reply to scam emails. In the off chance it is deliverable you will add yourself to their database of active email accounts. This will lead to further scam emails landing in your inbox, sometimes this takes a little time to happen. You may also be interpreted by the mail server of the business that you might reply to as being a spam bot and get yourself blacklisted on a number of Spam protection sites and find you have access denied to sites that use the “spam police” to filter their traffic. The number of sites that do filtering is increasing.

For some spam blacklist providers see:

Barracuda (BRBL)






To use any of these services yourself they do have a cost but the relative peace of blocked spam may be entirely worth the outlay.


It is also worth reporting to:

Agree with @grahroll as this lets scammers know that the email address is active, resulting in more scam being send to that email. It is best to ignore/delete spam emails and install a junk/scam maii filter as @grahroll indicated above.


Just delete the original email and block the sender or domain as appropriate. If you are offered a link to reply to, right-click on it to see where your response is really going.