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Thanks for the report :+1:


Maybe but maybe not. There is always a chance a plumbing problem happens. Why it happens when it happens is often unrelated to the perceived cause. It could have been the powder, or something else. Were the details of the plumbing problem reported?

If the SAMCO powder was caustic or prone to undissolved ‘bergs’ it could be a cause-effect, but if it is just normally soluble detergent, cheap or otherwise, what effect would it have on otherwise well maintained plumbing?


Seemed to create some issues with their septic tank. I agree with your analysis, there could be many reasons for the reported issues.


Could be related, especially if nothing else changed in the household.


Hi Brendan,

I just sent you an email as I could not upload the PDF images of my Coles receipts.


Great stuff, will pass this on to my colleagues as well.


Here are the details on slippery cherry specials:


Plus we received this example of NapiSan Vanish excess packaging on Twitter:


Coles cherries are $13.90 kg this week, same price as last week, but not labelled as “special”.


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From the email solicitation

The full web site advertisement is here.

but wait, there is more in the T&C.

The banks have truly improved because of the RC, surely they have. If not today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, or…


Good find @TheBBG :+1:

Cadbury family block product shrinkage

“But Wait. There’s More.”

After I posted my update this morning regarding the price for loose cherries on Coles website, I visited our nearest Coles store today and bought a bag of loose cherries.

The 2 price signs were on a yellow background but without the word “special” and the displayed price was $12 kg, which is what they scanned for at the checkout.

The plot thickens.


… and only for an up-front fee …


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Whilst at our local Coles today, I selected another bag of loose cherries in addition to other items.

The price sign was still displaying $12 kg, as it was the other day, despite Coles website showing $13.90 kg.

Once again, the first self-service terminal had a problem with the scales so I called the attendant, who after a few attempts, finally got the scales working but the cherries scanned at $16.90 kg.

I asked her to cancel the transactions and I said I would re-do everything on the adjacent terminal, which I did.

Before leaving the store, I checked my receipt and noted that the cherries had again scanned at $16.90 kg, so I proceeded to the “service” counter., and after some delays, I received a full refund for over 1.1 kg of cherries.

I checked Coles website when I got home and it is now showing $16.90 kg for loose cherries.

Ah well. I expect these cherries will taste twice as sweet.



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